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  • اصل ما و اصل جمله سرکشان ** هست از خاکی و آن را صد نشان 2315
  • Our origin and the origin of all the proud is from a piece of earth, and (there are) a hundred signs thereof;
  • که مدد از خاک می‌گیرد تنت ** از غذایی خاک پیچد گردنت
  • For thy body receives support (sustenance) from the earth, and from earthly nutriment thy neck is contorted (with scorn and arrogance).
  • چون رود جان می‌شود او باز خاک ** اندر آن گور مخوف سهمناک
  • When the spirit departs, it (the body) will again become earth in the dreaded and horrible grave.
  • هم تو و هم ما و هم اشباه تو ** خاک گردند و نماند جاه تو
  • Both thou and we and all who resemble thee will become earth, and thy power will remain no more.”
  • گفت غیر این نسب نامیت هست ** مر ترا آن نام خود اولیترست
  • He (Pharaoh) said, “Thou hast a name other than this lineage: truly that name is more proper for thee—
  • بنده‌ی فرعون و بنده‌ی بندگانش ** که ازو پرورد اول جسم و جانش 2320
  • ‘Slave of Pharaoh and slave of his slaves,’ (a slave) whose body and soul were first nurtured by him (Pharaoh),
  • بنده‌ی یاغی طاغی ظلوم ** زین وطن بگریخته از فعل شوم
  • A hostile, insolent and unrighteous slave, who fled from this country on account of an ill-omened deed.
  • خونی و غداری و حق‌ناشناس ** هم برین اوصاف خود می‌کن قیاس
  • Thou art a murderer and treacherous and ungrateful: from just these qualities, forsooth, form a judgement (as to the rest).
  • در غریبی خوار و درویش و خلق ** که ندانستی سپاس ما و حق
  • (Thou art) in exile, despised and poor and threadbare, since thou didst not acknowledge gratitude and obligation to me.”
  • گفت حاشا که بود با آن ملیک ** در خداوندی کسی دیگر شریک
  • He (Moses) said, “Far be it that any other person should be a partner in Lordship with that King.