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  • خود چه پرسم آنک او باشد بتون ** که تو چونی چون بود او سرنگون
  • Why, indeed, should I inquire after one who is in t he bath-stove (of lust), and say (to him) ‘How art thou?’ when he is (plunged) headlong (in sensuality)?
  • مثال دنیا چون گولخن و تقوی چون حمام
  • Comparison of this world to a bath-stove and of piety to the bath.
  • شهوت دنیا مثال گلخنست ** که ازو حمام تقوی روشنست
  • The lust of this world is like the bath-stove by which the bath, piety, is (made) resplendent;
  • لیک قسم متقی زین تون صفاست ** زانک در گرمابه است و در نقاست
  • But the pious man's portion from this stove is (naught but) purity, because he is in the hot-bath and in cleanliness.
  • اغنیا ماننده‌ی سرگین‌کشان ** بهر آتش کردن گرمابه‌بان 240
  • The rich resemble those who carry dung for the bath-keeper's fire-making.
  • اندریشان حرص بنهاده خدا ** تا بود گرمابه گرم و با نوا
  • God hath implanted cupidity in them, in order that the bath may be hot and well-provided.
  • ترک این تون گوی و در گرمابه ران ** ترک تون را عین آن گرمابه دان
  • Abandon this stove and advance into the hot-bath: know that abandonment of the stove is the very essence of that bath.
  • هر که در تونست او چون خادمست ** مر ورا که صابرست و حازمست
  • Any one who is in the stove is as a servant to him that is self-denying and on his guard.
  • هر که در حمام شد سیمای او ** هست پیدا بر رخ زیبای او
  • Whosoever has entered the bath, his (characteristic) sign is visible upon his comely face.
  • تونیان را نیز سیما آشکار ** از لباس و از دخان و از غبار 245
  • The signs of the stokers are conspicuous too—in their dress and in the smoke and dust (which blacken them).
  • ور نبینی روش بویش را بگیر ** بو عصا آمد برای هر ضریر
  • And if you see not his (the stoker's) face, smell him; smell is (as) a staff for every one that is blind;