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  • ور نداری بو در آرش در سخن ** از حدیث نو بدان راز کهن
  • And if you have not (the sense of) smell, induce him to speak, and from the new talk learn the old secret.
  • پس بگوید تونیی صاحب ذهب ** بیست سله چرک بردم تا به شب
  • Then a gold-possessing stoker will say, “I have brought in twenty baskets of filth, (working from dawn) till nightfall.”
  • حرص تو چون آتشست اندر جهان ** باز کرده هر زبانه صد دهان
  • Your cupidity is like fire in the (material) world: every (flaming) tongue (thereof) has opened a hundred mouths (to swallow filthy lucre).
  • پیش عقل این زر چو سرگین ناخوشست ** گرچه چون سرگین فروغ آتشست 250
  • In the sight of Reason, this gold is foul as dung, although, like dung, it is (the cause of) the blazing of the fire.
  • آفتابی که دم از آتش زند ** چرک تر را لایق آتش کند
  • The sun, which emulates the fire, makes the moist filth fit for the fire.
  • آفتاب آن سنگ را هم کرد زر ** تا بتون حرص افتد صد شرر
  • The sun also made the stone gold, in order that a hundred sparks might fall into the stove of cupidity.
  • آنک گوید مال گرد آورده‌ام ** چیست یعنی چرک چندین برده‌ام
  • He who says, “I have collected riches”—what is (the meaning of) it? It means, “I have brought in all this filth.”
  • این سخن گرچه که رسوایی‌فزاست ** در میان تونیان زین فخرهاست
  • Albeit this saying is exceedingly disgraceful, there are boasts on this account amongst the stokers.
  • که تو شش سله کشیدی تا به شب ** من کشیدم بیست سله بی کرب 255
  • (One of them says), “Thou hast carried (only) six baskets ere nightfall; I have carried twenty baskets without trouble.”
  • آنک در تون زاد و پاکی را ندید ** بوی مشک آرد برو رنجی پدید
  • He that was born in the stove and never saw purity, the smell of musk produces a painful effect upon him.
  • قصه‌ی آن دباغ کی در بازار عطاران از بوی عطر و مشک بیهوش و رنجور شد
  • Story of the tanner who fainted and sickened on smelling otto and musk in the bazaar of the perfumers.