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  • ای بسا کس رفته تا شام و عراق ** او ندیده هیچ جز کفر و نفاق
  • How many a one has gone as far as Syria and ‘Iráq and has seen nothing but unbelief and hypocrisy;
  • وی بسا کس رفته تا هند و هری ** او ندیده جز مگر بیع و شری
  • And how many a one has gone as far as India and Hirá (Herát) and seen nothing but selling and buying;
  • وی بسا کس رفته ترکستان و چین ** او ندیده هیچ جز مکر و کمین 2375
  • And how many a one has gone as far as Turkistán and China and seen nothing but deceit and hidden guile!
  • چون ندارد مدرکی جز رنگ و بو ** جمله‌ی اقلیمها را گو بجو
  • Since he has no object of perception save colour and perfume (external phenomena), let him seek (through) all the climes, (he will see nothing spiritual).
  • گاو در بغداد آید ناگهان ** بگذرد او زین سران تا آن سران
  • (If) a cow come suddenly into Baghdád and pass from this side (of the city) to that (farther) side,
  • از همه عیش و خوشیها و مزه ** او نبیند جز که قشر خربزه
  • Of all (its) pleasures and joys and delights she will see nothing but the rind of a water-melon.
  • که بود افتاده بر ره یا حشیش ** لایق سیران گاوی یا خریش
  • (If) straw or hay has fallen on the road, (it is) suitable to his (such a one's) bovine or asinine disposition.
  • خشک بر میخ طبیعت چون قدید ** بسته‌ی اسباب جانش لا یزید 2380
  • (Hanging) dry on the nail of (his bestial) nature, like strips of meat (exposed to the sun), his spirit, bound with (the cords of) secondary causes, does not grow;
  • وان فضای خرق اسباب و علل ** هست ارض الله ای صدر اجل
  • But the spacious realm where means and causes are torn to shreds (transcended) is the earth of God, O most honourable sire.
  • هر زمان مبدل شود چون نقش جان ** نو به نو بیند جهانی در عیان
  • It is ever changing, like a (fleeting) picture: the spirit beholds in clairvoyance a world (appearing) anew and anew.