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  • هین غنیمت دار در بازست زود ** رخت آنجا کش به کوری حسود
  • Come, seize the opportunity: the door is open: carry thy baggage thither at once in despite of the envious (Devil).
  • گفتن موسی علیه‌السلام فرعون را کی از من یک پند قبول کن و چهار فضیلت عوض بستان
  • How Moses, on whom be peace, said to Pharaoh, "Accept one counsel from me and take four excellent qualities as recompense."
  • هین ز من بپذیر یک چیز و بیار ** پس ز من بستان عوض آن را چهار
  • Come, accept from me one thing and bring (it into practice), and then take from me four as recompense for that.”
  • گفت ای موسی کدامست آن یکی ** شرح کن با من از آن یک اندکی 2510
  • He replied, “O Moses, what is that one thing? Explain to me a little about that one thing.”
  • گفت آن یک که بگویی آشکار ** که خدایی نیست غیر کردگار
  • “That one thing,” said he, “is that thou shouldst say publicly that there is no god but the Maker,
  • خالق افلاک و انجم بر علا ** مردم و دیو و پری و مرغ را
  • The Creator of the heavenly spheres and of the stars on high and of man and devil and genie and bird,
  • خالق دریا و دشت و کوه و تیه ** ملکت او بی‌حد و او بی‌شبیه
  • The Creator of sea and plain and mountain and desert: His sovereignty is without limit and He is without like.”
  • گفت ای موسی کدامست آن چهار ** که عوض بدهی مرا بر گو بیار
  • He (Pharaoh) said, “O Moses, what are those four things that thou wilt give me in recompense? Declare (what they are) and bring (them before me),
  • تا بود کز لطف آن وعده‌ی حسن ** سست گردد چارمیخ کفر من 2515
  • That perchance, by the favour of that goodly promise, the crucifixion (torment) of my unbelief may be assuaged.
  • بوک زان خوش وعده‌های مغتنم ** برگشاید قفل کفر صد منم
  • Perchance the lock of my hundred maunds' weight of unbelief may be opened by those fair and desirable promises.
  • بوک از تاثیر جوی انگبین ** شهد گردد در تنم این زهر کین
  • Perchance, by the effect of the river of honey, this poison of hatred may be turned into honey in my body;