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  • کرم کرمی شد پر از میوه و درخت ** این چنین تبدیل گردد نیکبخت
  • The worm became a vineyard full of fruit and trees: even so is the blessed man transformed.
  • تفسیر کنت کنزا مخفیا فاحببت ان اعرف
  • Exposition of "I was a hidden treasure, and I desired to be known."
  • خانه بر کن کز عقیق این یمن ** صد هزاران خانه شاید ساختن 2540
  • Demolish the house, for a hundred thousand houses may be made from the cornelian of this Yemen.
  • گنج زیر خانه است و چاره نیست ** از خرابی خانه مندیش و مه‌ایست
  • The treasure lies beneath the house, and there is no help (for it): do not be afraid of destroying the house and do not stand still,
  • که هزاران خانه از یک نقد گنج ** توان عمارت کرد بی‌تکلیف و رنج
  • For from one treasure in hand it is possible to build a thousand houses without suffering toil and pain.
  • عاقبت این خانه خود ویران شود ** گنج از زیرش یقین عریان شود
  • In the end this house will fall of itself into ruin and the treasure beneath it will certainly be uncovered;
  • لیک آن تو نباشد زانک روح ** مزد ویران کردنستش آن فتوح
  • But it (the treasure) will not be thine, since the spirit receives that (Divine) gift as wages for destroying (the house).
  • چون نکرد آن کار مزدش هست لا ** لییس للانسان الا ما سعی 2545
  • When it has not done that work, its wages are naught: there is nothing for Man (hereafter) but (the recompense for) that which he wrought (here).
  • دست خایی بعد از آن تو کای دریغ ** این چنین ماهی بد اندر زیر میغ
  • After that, thou wilt gnaw thy hand (in remorse), saying, “Alas, a moon like this was (concealed) under the cloud.
  • من نکردم آنچ گفتند از بهی ** گنج رفت و خانه و دستم تهی
  • I did not do the good which they told (me to do): the treasure and the house are gone, and my hand is empty.”
  • خانه‌ی اجرت گرفتی و کری ** نیست ملک تو به بیعی یا شری
  • Thou hast rented and hired a house: it is not thy property by any act of sale or purchase.