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  • ده خداوندی عاریت به حق ** تا خداوندیت بخشد متفق
  • Give up to God the dominion held on loan, that He may bestow on thee the dominion to which all consent.”
  • منازعت امیران عرب با مصطفی علیه‌السلام کی ملک را مقاسمت کن با ما تا نزاعی نباشد و جواب فرمودن مصطفی علیه‌السلام کی من مامورم درین امارت و بحث ایشان از طرفین
  • How the Amírs of the Arabs wrangled with Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, saying, "Share the kingdom with us, in order that there may be no contention"; and how Mustafá, on whom be peace, answered and said, "I am commanded (by God) in respect of this Amírate"; and the arguments on both sides.
  • آن امیران عرب گرد آمدند ** نزد پیغامبر منازع می‌شدند
  • The Amírs of the Arabs assembled and began to wrangle in the Prophet's presence,
  • که تو میری هر یک از ما هم امیر ** بخش کن این ملک و بخش خود بگیر 2780
  • Saying, “Thou art an Amír; every one of us is an Amír likewise: distribute this kingdom and take thy share.
  • هر یکی در بخش خود انصاف‌جو ** تو ز بخش ما دو دست خود بشو
  • Each (of us) is seeking equity in regard to his share: do thou wash thy hands of our share.”
  • گفت میری مر مرا حق داده است ** سروری و امر مطلق داده است
  • He replied, “God hath given the Amírate to me: He hath given me the chief authority and the absolute command,
  • کین قران احمدست و دور او ** هین بگیرید امر او را اتقوا
  • Saying, ‘This is the epoch and cycle of Ahmad (Mohammed): hark, accept his command! Have fear (of God)!’”
  • قوم گفتندش که ما هم زان قضا ** حاکمیم و داد امیریمان خدا
  • The party (of Amírs) said to him, “We too are (made) rulers by that (Divine) destiny, and God hath given the Amírate to us.”
  • گفت لیکن مر مرا حق ملک داد ** مر شما را عاریه از بهر زاد 2785
  • He said, “(Yes), but to me God gave it as a possession, and to you (only) as a loan for the sake of (furnishing you with) provisions for the road.
  • میری من تا قیامت باقیست ** میری عاریتی خواهد شکست
  • My Amírate is lasting till the Resurrection; the Amírate held on loan will be shattered.”
  • قوم گفتند ای امیر افزون مگو ** چیست حجت بر فزون‌جویی تو
  • The (opposing) party said, “O Amír, do not say too much (about this): what is thy argument for seeking more (than thy share)?”