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  • غوره‌ی تو سنگ بسته کز سقام ** غوره‌ها اکنون مویزند و تو خام 305
  • Thy young grape is indurated; for through sickness the (other) young grapes are now raisins, while thou art (still) immature.”
  • عذر خواستن آن عاشق از گناه خویش به تلبیس و روی پوش و فهم کردن معشوق آن را نیز
  • How the lover begged to be excused for his sin, (but) with duplicity and dissimulation; and how the beloved perceived that also.
  • گفت عاشق امتحان کردم مگیر ** تا ببینم تو حریفی یا ستیر
  • The lover said, “I made the trial—do not take offence—that I might see whether thou art a hetaera or a modest woman. [The lover said, “I made the trial—do not take offence—that I might see whether thou art a courtesan or a modest woman.]
  • من همی دانستمت بی‌امتحان ** لیک کی باشد خبر هم‌چون عیان
  • I was knowing (it) without the trial, but how should hearing be the same as seeing?
  • آفتابی نام تو مشهور و فاش ** چه زیانست ار بکردم ابتلاش
  • Thou art (like) the sun: thy name is renowned and known to all: what harm is there if I have tested it?
  • تو منی من خویشتن را امتحان ** می‌کنم هر روز در سود و زیان
  • Thou art I: every day I am making trial of myself in profit and loss (good and evil).
  • انبیا را امتحان کرده عدات ** تا شده ظاهر ازیشان معجزات 310
  • The prophets were put to the trial by their enemies, with the result that miracles were displayed by them.
  • امتحان چشم خود کردم به نور ** ای که چشم بد ز چشمان تو دور
  • I made trial of my own eye with light, O thou from whose eyes may the evil eye be far!
  • این جهان هم‌چون خرابست و تو گنج ** گر تفحص کردم از گنجت مرنج
  • This world is as the ruin, and thou the treasure (buried there): if I have made investigation concerning thy treasure, be not aggrieved.
  • زان چنین بی‌خردگی کردم گزاف ** تا زنم با دشمنان هر بار لاف
  • I recklessly committed such an indiscretion, that I may always boast (of thy virtue) to (thy) enemies;
  • تا زبانم چون ترا نامی نهد ** چشم ازین دیده گواهیها دهد
  • So that, when my tongue bestows a name on thee, my eye may give testimonies of this which I have seen.