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  • خود خرد آنست کو از حق چرید ** نه خرد کان را عطارد آورید 3310
  • The (true) intelligence, indeed, is that which was fed by God, not the intelligence that was bestowed by (the planet) Mercury.
  • بیان آنک عقل جزوی تا بگور بیش نبیند در باقی مقلد اولیا و انبیاست
  • Explaining that the particular (discursive) intellect does not see beyond the grave and, as regards all the rest, is subject to the authority of the saints and prophets.
  • پیش‌بینی این خرد تا گور بود ** وآن صاحب دل به نفخ صور بود
  • The foresight of this intellect extends (only) to the grave, while that of the spiritual man is till the blast of the trumpet (of Resurrection).
  • این خرد از گور و خاکی نگذرد ** وین قدم عرصه‌ی عجایب نسپرد
  • This intellect does not pass beyond a grave and sepulchre, and this (intellectual) foot does not tread the arena of marvels.
  • زین قدم وین عقل رو بیزار شو ** چشم غیبی جوی و برخوردار شو
  • Go, become quit of this foot and this intellect: seek the eye appertaining to the invisible (the inward eye) and enjoy (contemplation).
  • هم‌چو موسی نور کی یابد ز جیب ** سخره‌ی استاد و شاگردان کتاب
  • How should one subservient to a preceptor and in pupilage to a book find, like Moses, light from (his own) bosom?
  • زین نظر وین عقل ناید جز دوار ** پس نظر بگذار و بگزین انتظار 3315
  • From this (scholastic) study and this intellect comes naught but vertigo; therefore leave this study and adopt (in its stead) expectation.
  • از سخن‌گویی مجویید ارتفاع ** منتظر را به ز گفتن استماع
  • Do not seek (spiritual) eminence from disputation: for him who is expectant (of Divine inspiration) listening is better than speaking.
  • منصب تعلیم نوع شهوتست ** هر خیال شهوتی در ره بتست
  • The office of teaching is a sort of sensual desire: every sensual fancy is an idol (source of polytheism) in the Way.
  • گر بفضلش پی ببردی هر فضول ** کی فرستادی خدا چندین رسول
  • If every busybody had found the track (had attained) to His grace, how should God have sent so many prophets?
  • عقل جزوی هم‌چو برقست و درخش ** در درخشی کی توان شد سوی وخش
  • The particular intellect is like the lightning and the flash: how is it possible to go to Wakhsh in a flash?