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  • می‌نماید او که چشمی می‌زند ** ابلهان سازیده‌اند او را سند
  • It appears to wink: the foolish have made it their support (have put their trust in it).
  • در خواستن قبطی دعای خیر و هدایت از سبطی و دعا کردن سبطی قبطی را به خیر و مستجاب شدن از اکرم الاکرمین وارحم الراحمین
  • How the Egyptian besought blessing and guidance from the Israelite, and how the Israelite prayed for the Egyptian and received a favourable answer to his prayer from the Most Gracious and Merciful (God).
  • گفت قبطی تو دعایی کن که من ** از سیاهی دل ندارم آن دهن
  • The Egyptian said, “Do thou offer a prayer (for me), since from blackness of heart I have not the mouth (fit for offering an acceptable prayer),
  • که بود که قفل این دل وا شود ** زشت را در بزم خوبان جا شود 3495
  • For it may be that the lock of this heart will be opened and that a place will be (granted) to this ugly one at the banquet of the beauteous.
  • مسخی از تو صاحب خوبی شود ** یا بلیسی باز کروبی شود
  • Through thee the deformed may become endowed with beauty, or an Iblís may again become one of the Cherubim;
  • یا بفر دست مریم بوی مشک ** یابد و تری و میوه شاخ خشک
  • Or, by the august influence of Mary's hand, the withered bough may acquire the fragrance of musk and freshness and fruit.”
  • سبطی آن دم در سجود افتاد و گفت ** کای خدای عالم جهر و نهفت
  • Thereupon the Israelite fell to worship and said, “O God who knowest the manifest and the hidden,
  • جز تو پیش کی بر آرد بنده دست ** هم دعا و هم اجابت از توست
  • To whom but Thee should Thy servant lift his hand? Both the prayer and the answer (to prayer) are from Thee.
  • هم ز اول تو دهی میل دعا ** تو دهی آخر دعاها را جزا 3500
  • Thou at first givest the desire for prayer, and Thou at last givest likewise the recompense for prayers.
  • اول و آخر توی ما در میان ** هیچ هیچی که نیاید در بیان
  • Thou art the First and the Last: we between are nothing, a nothing that does not come into (admit of) expression.”
  • این چنین می‌گفت تا افتاد طشت ** از سر بام و دلش بیهوش گشت
  • He was speaking in this wise, till he fell into ecstasy and his heart became senseless.