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  • نزد آنکس که نداند عقلش این ** زلزله هست از بخارات زمین 3720
  • In the opinion of him whose intelligence does not perceive this, earthquakes are caused by terrestrial vapours.
  • موری بر کاغذ می‌رفت نبشتن قلم دید قلم را ستودن گرفت موری دیگر کی چشم تیزتر بود گفت ستایش انگشتان را کن کی آن هنر ازیشان می‌بینم موری دگر کی از هر دو چشم روشن‌تر بود گفت من بازو را ستایم کی انگشتان فرع بازواند الی آخره
  • An ant, walking on a piece of paper, saw the pen writing and began to praise the pen. Another ant, which was more keen-sighted, said, "Praise the fingers, for I deem this accomplishment to proceed from them." Another ant, more clear-sighted than either, said, "I praise the arm, for the fingers are a branch of the arm," et cetera.
  • مورکی بر کاغذی دید او قلم ** گفت با مور دگر این راز هم
  • A little ant saw a pen (writing) on a paper, and told this mystery to another ant,
  • که عجایب نقشها آن کلک کرد ** هم‌چو ریحان و چو سوسن‌زار و ورد
  • Saying, “That pen made wonderful pictures like sweet basil and beds of lilies and roses.”
  • گفت آن مور اصبعست آن پیشه‌ور ** وین قلم در فعل فرعست و اثر
  • The other ant said, “That artist is the finger, and this pen is actually (no more than) the derivative (instrument) and the sign.”
  • گفت آن مور سوم کز بازوست ** که اصبع لاغر ز زورش نقش بست
  • A third ant said, “It is the work of the arm, by whose strength the slender finger depicted it.”
  • هم‌چنین می‌رفت بالا تا یکی ** مهتر موران فطن بود اندکی 3725
  • In this fashion it (the argument) was carried upward till a chief of the ants, (who) was a little bit sagacious,
  • گفت کز صورت مبینید این هنر ** که به خواب و مرگ گردد بی‌خبر
  • Said, “Do not regard this accomplishment as proceeding from the (material) form, which becomes unconscious in sleep and death.
  • صورت آمد چون لباس و چون عصا ** جز به عقل و جان نجنبد نقشها
  • Form is like a garment or a staff: (bodily) figures do not move except by means of intellect and spirit.”
  • بی‌خبر بود او که آن عقل و فاد ** بی ز تقلیب خدا باشد جماد
  • He (the wise ant) was unaware that without the controlling influence of God that intellect and heart (mind) would be inert.
  • یک زمان از وی عنایت بر کند ** عقل زیرک ابلهیها می‌کند
  • If He withdraw His favour from it for a single moment, the acute intellect will commit (many) follies.