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  • جز که لا احصی نگوید او ز جان ** کز شمار و حد برونست آن بیان 3710
  • He will only say from his soul, “I cannot (praise Thee duly),” because the declaration thereof is beyond reckoning and bound.
  • رفتن ذوالقرنین به کوه قاف و درخواست کردن کی ای کوه قاف از عظمت صفت حق ما را بگو و گفتن کوه قاف کی صفت عظمت او در گفت نیاید کی پیش آنها ادراکها فدا شود و لابه کردن ذوالقرنین کی از صنایعش کی در خاطر داری و بر تو گفتن آن آسان‌تر بود بگوی
  • How Dhu ’l-Qarnayn went to Mount Qáf and made petition, saying, "O Mount Qáf, tell me of the majesty of the Attributes of God"; and how Mount Qáf said that the description of His majesty is ineffable, since (all) perceptions vanish before it; and how Dhu ’l-Qarnayn made humble supplication, saying, "Tell of His works that thou hast in mind and of which it is more easy for thee to speak."
  • رفت ذوالقرنین سوی کوه قاف ** دید او را کز زمرد بود صاف
  • Dhu ’l-Qarnayn went towards Mount Qáf: he saw that it was (made) of pure emerald,
  • گرد عالم حلقه گشته او محیط ** ماند حیران اندر آن خلق بسیط
  • And that it had become a ring surrounding the (whole) world. He was amazed at that immense creation (work of God).
  • گفت تو کوهی دگرها چیستند ** که به پیش عظم تو بازیستند
  • He said, “Thou art the mountain (indeed): what are the others? for beside thy magnitude they are (but) playthings.”
  • گفت رگهای من‌اند آن کوهها ** مثل من نبوند در حسن و بها
  • It replied, “Those (other) mountains are my veins: they are not like unto me in beauty and glory.
  • من به هر شهری رگی دارم نهان ** بر عروقم بسته اطراف جهان 3715
  • I have a hidden vein in every land: (all) the regions of the world are fastened to my veins.
  • حق چو خواهد زلزله‌ی شهری مرا ** گوید او من بر جهانم عرق را
  • When God wills an earthquake in any land, He bids me and I cause the vein to throb.
  • پس بجنبانم من آن رگ را بقهر ** که بدان رگ متصل گشتست شهر
  • Then I make to move mightily the vein with which the (particular) land is connected.
  • چون بگوید بس شود ساکن رگم ** ساکنم وز روی فعل اندر تگم
  • When He says ‘Enough!’ my vein rests. I am (apparently) at rest, but actually I am in rapid motion”—
  • هم‌چو مرهم ساکن و بس کارکن ** چون خرد ساکن وزو جنبان سخن
  • At rest, like the (medicinal) ointment, and very active (efficacious); at rest, like the intellect, while the speech (impelled) by it is moving.