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  • گرچه پله‌ی چشم بر هم می‌زنی ** در سفینه خفته‌ای ره می‌کنی
  • Albeit thou art closing thine eyelids, thou art asleep in the ship and voyaging (in safety).
  • تفسیر این حدیث کی مثل امتی کمثل سفینة نوح من تمسک بها نجا و من تخلف عنها غرق
  • Exposition of the Hadíth, "The parable of my community is the parable of the Ship (Ark) of Noah: whoso shall cleave to it is saved, and whoso shall hold back from it is drowned."
  • بهر این فرمود پیغامبر که من ** هم‌چو کشتی‌ام به طوفان زمن
  • On this account the Prophet said, “I am as the Ship (Ark) in the Flood of Time.
  • ما و اصحابم چو آن کشتی نوح ** هر که دست اندر زند یابد فتوح
  • I and my Companions are as the Ship of Noah: whoso clings (to us) will gain (spiritual) graces.”
  • چونک با شیخی تو دور از زشتیی ** روز و شب سیاری و در کشتیی 540
  • When you are with the Shaykh you are far removed from wickedness: day and night you are a traveller and in a ship.
  • در پناه جان جان‌بخشی توی ** کشتی اندر خفته‌ای ره می‌روی
  • You are under the protection of a life-giving spirit: you are asleep in the ship, you are going on the way.
  • مسکل از پیغامبر ایام خویش ** تکیه کم کن بر فن و بر کام خویش
  • Do not break with the prophet of your days: do not rely on your own skill and footsteps.
  • گرچه شیری چون روی ره بی‌دلیل ** خویش‌بین و در ضلالی و ذلیل
  • Lion though you are, you are self-conceited and in error and contemptible when you go on the way without a guide.
  • هین مپر الا که با پرهای شیخ ** تا ببینی عون و لشکرهای شیخ
  • Beware! Do not fly but with the wings of the Shaykh, that you may see (receive) the aid of the armies of the Shaykh.
  • یک زمانی موج لطفش بال تست ** آتش قهرش دمی حمال تست 545
  • At one time the wave of his mercy is your pinion, at another moment the fire of his wrath is your carrier.
  • قهر او را ضد لطفش کم شمر ** اتحاد هر دو بین اندر اثر
  • Do not reckon his wrath to be the contrary of his mercy: behold the oneness of both (these qualities) in the effect.