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  • پس نثاری کرده باشی بهر خود ** چونک هر سرمایه‌ی تو صد شود
  • Therefore thou wilt have scattered a largesse for thine own sake, inasmuch as every stock of thine will be centupled.
  • قصه‌ی هدیه فرستادن بلقیس از شهر سبا سوی سلیمان علیه‌السلام
  • Story of Bilqís' sending a gift from the city of Sabá to Solomon, on whom be peace.
  • هدیه‌ی بلقیس چل استر بدست ** بار آنها جمله خشت زر بدست
  • The gift of Bilqís was forty mules: their whole load consisted of bricks of gold.
  • چون به صحرای سلیمانی رسید ** فرش آن را جمله زر پخته دید
  • When he (the envoy) reached the open plain, belonging to Solomon, he saw that its carpet was (made) entirely of solid gold.
  • بر سر زر تا چهل منزل براند ** تا که زر را در نظر آبی نماند 565
  • He rode on gold for the distance of forty stages, till gold had no more esteem in his sight.
  • بارها گفتند زر را وا بریم ** سوی مخزن ما چه بیگار اندریم
  • (Many) times they said, “Let us take the gold back to the treasury: what a (fruitless) quest are we (engaged) in!
  • عرصه‌ای کش خاک زر ده دهیست ** زر به هدیه بردن آنجا ابلهیست
  • A spacious land of which the soil is pure gold—to bring gold thither as a gift is folly.”
  • ای ببرده عقل هدیه تا اله ** عقل آنجا کمترست از خاک راه
  • O thou who hast brought intelligence to God as a gift, there intelligence is less (in value) than the dust of the road.
  • چون کساد هدیه آنجا شد پدید ** شرمساریشان همی واپس کشید
  • When the worthlessness of the gift became apparent there (in Solomon's kingdom), shamefacedness was drawing them back (towards Bilqís);
  • باز گفتند ار کساد و ار روا ** چیست بر ما بنده فرمانیم ما 570
  • (But) again they said, “Whether it be worthless or valuable, what matter to us? We are slaves (bound) to (obey) the command.
  • گر زر و گر خاک ما را بردنیست ** امر فرمان‌ده به جا آوردنیست
  • Whether we have to bring gold or earth, the command of the one who gives the command is to be executed.