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  • مانده بود از کسب یک دو حبه‌ام ** دوخته در آستین جبه‌ام
  • Of my (former) earnings one or two small pieces (of money) had remained with me, sewn in the sleeve of my jubba.
  • نیت کردن او کی این زر بدهم بدان هیزم‌کش چون من روزی یافتم به کرامات مشایخ و رنجیدن آن هیزم‌کش از ضمیر و نیت او
  • How he formed an intention, saying, ‘I will give this money to that carrier of firewood, since I have obtained daily provision through the miraculous gifts of the Shaykhs’; and how the carrier of firewood was offended by his secret thought and intention.
  • آن یکی درویش هیزم می‌کشید ** خسته و مانده ز بیشه در رسید
  • A poor man was carrying firewood: he approached (me), weary and exhausted, from the forest.
  • پس بگفتم من ز روزی فارغم ** زین سپس از بهر رزقم نیست غم 690
  • So I said (to myself), ‘I am independent of (earning) daily bread: henceforth I have no anxiety for the daily portion.
  • میوه‌ی مکروه بر من خوش شدست ** رزق خاصی جسم را آمد به دست
  • The loathed fruit has become sweet to me: a special provision for my body has come to hand.
  • چونک من فارغ شدستم از گلو ** حبه‌ای چندست این بدهم بدو
  • Since I have been freed from the (cravings of the) gullet, here are some small pieces of money: I will give him these.
  • بدهم این زر را بدین تکلیف‌کش ** تا دو سه روزک شود از قوت خوش
  • I will give this money to this toil-worn man, that for two or three brief days he may be made happy by food.’
  • خود ضمیرم را همی‌دانست او ** زانک سمعش داشت نور از شمع هو
  • He himself was knowing my mind, because his (inward) hearing had illumination from the candle of Hú (God).
  • بود پیشش سر هر اندیشه‌ای ** چون چراغی در درون شیشه‌ای 695
  • To him the secret of every thought was as a lamp within a glass.
  • هیچ پنهان می‌نشد از وی ضمیر ** بود بر مضمون دلها او امیر
  • No mental conception was hidden from him: he was ruler over the contents of (men's) hearts.
  • پس همی منگید با خود زیر لب ** در جواب فکرتم آن بوالعجب
  • Therefore that wondrous man was muttering to himself under his breath in answer to my (unspoken) thought,