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  • باز میکائیل رزق تن دهد  ** سعی تو رزق دل روشن دهد 
  • Again, Michael gives the sustenance (proper) for the body, (but) thy labour gives the sustenance (proper) for the illumined heart.
  • او بداد کیل پر کردست ذیل  ** داد رزق تو نمی‌گنجد به کیل  1570
  • He has filled his skirt with gifts (of sustenance dispensed) by measure, (but) thy gifts of sustenance are immeasurable.
  • هم ز عزرائیل با قهر و عطب  ** تو بهی چون سبق رحمت بر غضب 
  • Moreover, thou art better than Azrael the tyrannous and enraged, even as (Divine) Mercy is prior to Wrath.
  • حامل عرش این چهارند و تو شاه  ** بهترین هر چهاری ز انتباه 
  • These four (Angels) are the bearers of the (Divine) Throne, and thou (art their) king: thou art the best of all of the four from being (spiritually) awake.
  • روز محشر هشت بینی حاملانش  ** هم تو باشی افضل هشت آن زمانش 
  • On the Day of the (Last) Congregation thou wilt see that its bearers are eight: at that time also thou wilt be the most excellent of its eight (bearers).”
  • هم‌چنین برمی‌شمرد و می‌گریست  ** بوی می‌برد او کزین مقصود چیست 
  • Thus was she (the Earth) enumerating (his qualities) and weeping: she guessed what was the object of this (mission).
  • معدن شرم و حیا بد جبرئیل  ** بست آن سوگندها بر وی سبیل  1575
  • Gabriel was a mine of reverence and respect: those adjurations barred the way against him.
  • بس که لابه کردش و سوگند داد  ** بازگشت و گفت یا رب العباد 
  • Inasmuch as she entreated and adjured him, he returned and said, “O Lord of Thy servants,
  • که نبودم من به کارت سرسری  ** لیک زانچ رفت تو داناتری 
  • (I protest) that I have not been remiss in Thy affair, but Thou knowest what happened better (than I).
  • گفت نامی که ز هولش ای بصیر  ** هفت گردون باز ماند از مسیر 
  • She (the Earth) pronounced the Name from awe of which, O All-seeing One, the Seven Heavens would cease from their course.