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  • تا نداند خویش را مجرم عنید  ** آب از چشمش کجا داند دوید 
  • Until the sinner deems himself rebellious, how can tears run from his eye?
  • قصه‌ی قوم یونس علیه‌السلام بیان و برهان آنست کی تضرع و زاری دافع بلای آسمانیست و حق تعالی فاعل مختارست پس تضرع و تعظیم پیش او مفید باشد و فلاسفه گویند فاعل به طبع است و بعلت نه مختار پر تضرع طبع را نگرداند 
  • The Story of the people of Yúnus (Jonah), on whom be peace, is a demonstration and manifest proof that humble entreaty and lamentation avert affliction sent from Heaven. And God most High acts by free choice: therefore humble entreaty and reverence avail with Him. The philosophers, however, say that He acts by (the necessity of His) nature and as a cause, not by free choice: therefore humble entreaty (is useless, for it) cannot alter nature.
  • قوم یونس را چو پیدا شد بلا  ** ابر پر آتش جدا شد از سما 
  • When the affliction became visible to the people of Yúnus, a cloud full of fire departed (descended) from heaven.
  • برق می‌انداخت می‌سوزید سنگ  ** ابر می‌غرید رخ می‌ریخت رنگ 
  • It was shooting (flashes of) lightning, the rocks were burning; the cloud was roaring, cheeks were shedding colour.
  • جملگان بر بامها بودند شب  ** که پدید آمد ز بالا آن کرب  1610
  • All (the people) were on the roofs at night, when that woe came into view from on high.
  • جملگان از بامها زیر آمدند  ** سر برهنه جانب صحرا شدند 
  • All came down from the roofs and went bare-headed towards the open country.
  • مادران بچگان برون انداختند  ** تا همه ناله و نفیر افراختند 
  • Mothers cast out their children, that all might raise wailing and distressful cries.
  • از نماز شام تا وقت سحر  ** خاک می‌کردند بر سر آن نفر 
  • From (the time of) the evening prayer till the hour of dawn, those folk were throwing dust on their heads.
  • جملگی آوازها بگرفته شد  ** رحم آمد بر سر آن قوم لد 
  • (Then) all voices were hushed: the (Divine) mercy came upon that perverse people.
  • بعد نومیدی و آه ناشکفت  ** اندک‌اندک ابر وا گشتن گرفت  1615
  • After despair and unrestrained lamentation, little by little the cloud began to turn back.
  • قصه‌ی یونس درازست و عریض  ** وقت خاکست و حدیث مستفیض 
  • The story of Yúnus is long and broad: it is time (to speak) of the Earth and (resume) the far-spread tale.