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  • گرگ با بره حریف می شده  ** ناامیدان خوش‌رگ و خوش پی شده 
  • The wolf becomes the cup-companion of the lamb; the despairing become courageous and valiant.
  • یافته شدن گوهر و حلالی خواستن حاجبکان و کنیزکان شاه‌زاده از نصوح 
  • The finding of the jewel, and how the ladies-in-waiting and handmaids of the princess begged Nasúh to exonerate them.
  • بعد از آن خوفی هلاک جان بده  ** مژده‌ها آمد که اینک گم شده 
  • After that soul-destroying fear, came the good news—“Here is the lost (jewel)!”
  • بانگ آمد ناگهان که رفت بیم  ** یافت شد گم گشته آن در یتیم 
  • Suddenly rose a shout—“The danger is past: the single pearl that was missing has been found.
  • یافت شد واندر فرح در بافتیم  ** مژدگانی ده که گوهر یافتیم 
  • It is found, and we are penetrated with joy: give us the reward, for we have found the pearl.”
  • از غریو و نعره و دستک زدن  ** پر شده حمام قد زال الحزن  2290
  • The bath-house was filled with clamour and screams and clapping of hands (because) sorrow had disappeared.
  • آن نصوح رفته باز آمد به خویش  ** دید چشمش تابش صد روز بیش 
  • Nasúh who had gone (out of himself) came to himself again: his eye saw in front (of him) the splendour of a hundred (shining) days.
  • می حلالی خواست از وی هر کسی  ** بوسه می‌دادند بر دستش بسی 
  • Every one was begging him to exonerate them and giving his hand many a kiss.
  • بد گمان بردیم و کن ما را حلال  ** گوشت تو خوردیم اندر قیل و قال 
  • (They said), “We had evil thoughts (of thee), and (we pray thee to) exonerate us. We were backbiting thee in our talk”;
  • زانک ظن جمله بر وی بیش بود  ** زانک در قربت ز جمله پیش بود 
  • For the suspicion of all (the women) against him had been increased by the fact that he was in higher favour (with the princess) than all (the rest of them).
  • خاص دلاکش بد و محرم نصوح  ** بلک هم‌چون دو تنی یک گشته روح  2295
  • Nasúh was her private shampooer and confidant; nay (they were) as two bodies with one soul.