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  • لیک کوته کردم آن گفتار را  ** تا ننوشد هر خسی اسرار را  2685
  • But I will cut short that dialogue, in order that every worthless person may not hear (such) mysteries.
  • آمدن شیخ بعد از چندین سال از بیابان به شهر غزنین و زنبیل گردانیدن به اشارت غیبی و تفرقه کردن آنچ جمع آید بر فقرا هر که را جان عز لبیکست نامه بر نامه پیک بر پیکست چنانک روزن خانه باز باشد آفتاب و ماهتاب و باران و نامه و غیره منقطع نباشد 
  • How after many years the Shaykh came from the desert to the city of Ghazna and carried round the basket (as a beggar) in obedience to the behest from the Unseen and distributed amongst the poor all (the money and food) that was collected. “When any one possesses the spirit of the glory of Labbayka (devoted service), letter on letter and messenger after messenger are (sent to him),” as (when) the window of a house is open, sunbeams and moonbeams and rain and letters and so forth never cease (from coming in).
  • رو به شهر آورد آن فرمان‌پذیر  ** شهر غزنین گشت از رویش منیر 
  • That (Shaykh who was) obedient to the (Divine) command turned his face towards the city; the city of Ghazna became illumined by his face.
  • از فرح خلقی به استقبال رفت  ** او در آمد از ره دزدیده تفت 
  • A (great) multitude joyfully went out to meet him, (but) he entered (the city) in haste and furtively.
  • جمله اعیان و مهان بر خاستند  ** قصرها از بهر او آراستند 
  • All the notables and grandees rose up and made their palaces ready to receive him,
  • گفت من از خودنمایی نامدم  ** جز به خواری و گدایی نامدم 
  • (But) he said, “I do not come from (motives of) self-advertisement: I come not save in humility and beggary.
  • نیستم در عزم قال و قیل من  ** در به در گردم به کف زنبیل من  2690
  • I have no intention of talking and discoursing: I will go about from door to door with a basket in my hand.
  • بنده فرمانم که امرست از خدا  ** که گدا باشم گدا باشم گدا 
  • I am devoted to the (Divine) edict, for ’tis commanded by God that I should be a beggar, a beggar, a beggar.
  • در گدایی لفظ نادر ناورم  ** جز طریق خس گدایان نسپرم 
  • I will not use choice expressions in begging: I will tread the way of none but the vile beggars,
  • تا شوم غرقه‌ی مذلت من تمام  ** تا سقطها بشنوم از خاص و عام 
  • That I may be completely overwhelmed with abasement, and that I may hear abusive words from high and low.
  • امر حق جانست و من آن را تبع  ** او طمع فرمود ذل من طمع 
  • God's command is my (very) soul, and I am its follower: He has commanded me to be covetous, (for) ‘base is he that covets.’