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  • این بهانه کرد و مهره در ربود  ** مانع آن بدکان عطا صادق نبود 
  • He made this excuse and took his leave: what prevented (him from complying) was (the fact) that the (Amír's) munificence was not sincere.
  • نه که صادق بود و پاک از غل و خشم  ** شیخ را هر صدق می‌نامد به چشم 
  • Was it not (the case) that it (the munificence) was sincere and unmixed with rancour and wrath? (Yes; but) every (kind of) sincerity did not come into the Shaykh's consideration.
  • گفت فرمانم چنین دادست اله  ** که گدایانه برو نانی بخواه  2785
  • He said, “God hath so commanded me, saying, ‘Go as a beggar and ask for a piece of bread.’”
  • اشارت آمدن از غیب به شیخ کی این دو سال به فرمان ما بستدی و بدادی بعد ازین بده و مستان دست در زیر حصیر می‌کن کی آن را چون انبان بوهریره کردیم در حق تو هر چه خواهی بیابی تا یقین شود عالمیان را کی ورای این عالمیست کی خاک به کف گیری زر شود مرده درو آید زنده شود نحس اکبر در وی آید سعد اکبر شود کفر درو آید ایمان گردد زهر درو آید تریاق شود نه داخل این عالمست و نه خارج این عالم نه تحت و نه فوق نه متصل نه منفصل بی‌چون و بی چگونه هر دم ازو هزاران اثر و نمونه ظاهر می‌شود چنانک صنعت دست با صورت دست و غمزه‌ی چشم با صورت چشم و فصاحت زبان با صورت زبان نه داخلست و نه خارج او نه متصل و نه منفصل والعاقل تکفیه الاشارة 
  • How the (following) intimation came to the Shaykh from the Unseen: “During these two years thou hast taken and given by Our command; henceforth give but do not take; always put thy hand under the mat which on thy behalf We have made to be like the wallet of Abú Hurayra, and thou wilt find (there) whatever thou mayst desire.” (The object of such miracles is) that the people of the world may gain certainty that beyond this (world) is a world where, if you take a handful of earth, it will turn to gold; if a dead man enter it he will become living; if the most ill-starred enter it he will become the most fortunate; if infidelity enter therein, it will become faith; if poison enter therein, it will become an antidote (to poison). It (that world) is neither inside of this world nor outside; neither beneath it nor above it; neither joined with it nor separate from it: it is devoid of quality and relation. At every moment thousands of signs and types are displayed by it (in this world). As manual skill to the form of the hand, or glances of the eye to the form of the eye, or eloquence of the tongue to the form of the tongue, (such is the relation of that world to this): it is neither inside of it nor outside, neither joined with it nor separate. And indication is sufficient for a person of intelligence.
  • تا دو سال این کار کرد آن مرد کار  ** بعد از آن امر آمدش از کردگار 
  • For two years that man of (high spiritual) accomplishment carried on this business (of begging); after that (time) the command came to him from the Creator—
  • بعد ازین می‌ده ولی از کس مخواه  ** ما بدادیمت ز غیب این دستگاه 
  • “Henceforth continue to give, but do not beg from any one: We from the Unseen World have bestowed on thee this power.
  • هر که خواهد از تو از یک تا هزار  ** دست در زیر حصیری کن بر آر 
  • Whoever begs of thee (any amount), from one (piece of money) to a thousand, put thy hand beneath a (certain) mat and produce (what he wants).
  • هین ز گنج رحمت بی‌مر بده  ** در کف تو خاک گردد زر بده 
  • Hark, give (it) from the incalculable treasure of (Divine) mercy: in thy hand earth will become gold: give (it)!
  • هر چه خواهندت بده مندیش از آن  ** داد یزدان را تو بیش از بیش دان  2790
  • Give whatsoever they ask of thee: have no anxiety as to that: know that the bounty of God is more than (every) more.