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  • چون خیالی می‌شود در زهد تن  ** تا خیالات از درونه روفتن 
  • Ere (all) phantasies are swept from the inward part, the body will become (insubstantial) as a phantasy in (consequence of) renunciation.
  • غالب شدن مکر روبه بر استعصام خر 
  • How the cunning of the fox prevailed over the attempt of the ass to preserve himself from falling into temptation.
  • خر بسی کوشید و او را دفع گفت  ** لیک جوع الکلب با خر بود جفت 
  • The ass strove long and argued (stoutly) against him, but ravenous hunger never quitted the ass.
  • غالب آمد حرص و صبرش بد ضعیف  ** بس گلوها که برد عشق رغیف 
  • Greed prevailed, and his self-restraint was (too) weak: many are the gullets that are cut by love of the loaf.
  • زان رسولی کش حقایق داد دست  ** کاد فقر ان یکن کفر آمدست 
  • From the Messenger (Prophet) to whom the realities revealed themselves has come down (the saying), “A (great) penury is near being infidelity.”
  • گشته بود آن خر مجاعت را اسیر  ** گفت اگر مکرست یک ره مرده گیر  2820
  • The ass had been made prisoner by hunger: he said (to himself), “If it is a plot, (what then?). Suppose I am dead once and for all,
  • زین عذاب جوع باری وا رهم  ** گر حیات اینست من مرده بهم 
  • At any rate I shall be delivered from this torment of hunger: if this is life, I am better dead.”
  • گر خر اول توبه و سوگند خورد  ** عاقبت هم از خری خبطی بکرد 
  • If at first the ass repented and swore (to keep his vow), in the end, because of his asininity, he made a (great) lapse.
  • حرص کور و احمق و نادان کند  ** مرگ را بر احمقان آسان کند 
  • Greed makes one blind and foolish and ignorant: to fools it makes death (seem) easy;
  • نیست آسان مرگ بر جان خران  ** که ندارند آب جان جاودان 
  • (But) death is not (really) easy to the souls of asses who do not possess the splendour of the everlasting soul.
  • چون ندارد جان جاوید او شقیست  ** جرات او بر اجل از احمقیست  2825
  • Since he (the ass) does not possess the everlasting soul, he is damned: his boldness in (facing) death is the result of folly.