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  • جهد کن تا جان مخلد گردد  ** تا به روز مرگ برگی باشدت 
  • Endeavour that your soul may become immortal, so that on the day of death you will have a (goodly) store.
  • اعتمادش نیز بر رازق نبود  ** که بر افشاند برو از غیب جود 
  • Again, he (the ass) had no confidence in the Provider (to assure him) that He would scatter over him largesse from the Unseen.
  • تاکنونش فضل بی‌روزی نداشت  ** گرچه گه‌گه بر تنش جوعی گماشت 
  • Until now, the (Divine) Bounty had not kept him without the daily provision, though at times He subjected his body to a (severe) hunger.
  • گر نباشد جوع صد رنج دگر  ** از پی هیضه بر آرد از تو سر 
  • Were hunger absent, in consequence of indigestion a hundred other afflictions would raise their heads in you.
  • رنج جوع اولی بود خود زان علل  ** هم به لطف و هم به خفت هم عمل  2830
  • Truly the affliction of hunger is better than those maladies in respect both of its subtilty and its lightness and (its effect on devotional) work.
  • رنج جوع از رنجها پاکیزه‌تر  ** خاصه در جوعست صد نفع و هنر 
  • The affliction of hunger is purer than (all other) afflictions, especially (as) in hunger there are a hundred advantages and excellences.
  • در بیان فضیلت احتما و جوع 
  • Explaining the excellency of abstinence and hunger.
  • جوع خود سلطان داروهاست هین  ** جوع در جان نه چنین خوارش مبین 
  • Indeed hunger is the king of medicines: hark, lay hunger to thy heart, do not regard it with such contempt.
  • جمله ناخوش از مجاعت خوش شدست  ** جمله خوشها بی‌مجاعتها ردست 
  • Everything unsweet is made sweet by hunger: without hunger all sweet things are unacceptable.
  • مثل 
  • Parable.
  • آن یکی می‌خورد نان فخفره  ** گفت سایل چون بدین استت شره 
  • A certain person was eating bread made of bran: some one asked him, “How are you so fond of this?”
  • گفت جوع از صبر چون دوتا شود  ** نان جو در پیش من حلوا شود  2835
  • He replied, “When hunger is doubled by self-denial, barley bread is (as sweet as) halwá in my opinion;