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  • آن قیامت دیده بود و رستخیز  ** وآن ز کوه افتادن و هول و گریز 
  • He had experienced that tremendous agony and turmoil, the scramble down the mountain, the terror, and the flight;
  • گر جگر بودی ورا یا دل بدی  ** بار دیگر کی بر تو آمدی 
  • If he had had a liver or heart, how could he have come a second time into thy presence?”
  • چون نباشد نور دل دل نیست آن  ** چون نباشد روح جز گل نیست آن 
  • When there is no light in the heart, ’tis no heart; when there is no spirit (in the body), ’tis naught but earth.
  • آن زجاجی کو ندارد نور جان  ** بول و قاروره‌ست قندیلش مخوان 
  • The (heart resembling) glass that hath no spiritual light is (like) urine and the urine-phial: do not call it a lamp.
  • نور مصباحست داد ذوالجلال  ** صنعت خلقست آن شیشه و سفال  2880
  • The light in the lamp is the gift of the Almighty; the glass and earthenware (vessels) are His creatures' handiwork.
  • لاجرم در ظرف باشد اعتداد  ** در لهبها نبود الا اتحاد 
  • Necessarily in respect of the vessels there is number, (but) in respect of the flames (of light) there is naught but unity.
  • نور شش قندیل چون آمیختند  ** نیست اندر نورشان اعداد و چند 
  • When the light of six lamps is mingled together, there is no number and plurality in their light.
  • آن جهود از ظرفها مشرک شده‌ست  ** نور دید آن ممن و مدرک شده‌ست 
  • The Jew has become a polytheist from (regarding) the vessels; the true believer regarded the light and (consequently) has become endowed with (spiritual) perception.
  • چون نظر بر ظرف افتد روح را  ** پس دو بیند شیث را و نوح را 
  • When the sight falls upon the spirit's vessel, it regards Seth and Noah as being two.
  • جو که آبش هست جو خود آن بود  ** آدمی آنست کو را جان بود  2885
  • When there is water in it (the canal), (only then) is it (really) a canal: the (real) man is he that hath the spirit (within him).