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  • این نه مردانند اینها صورتند  ** مرده‌ی نانند و کشته‌ی شهوتند 
  • These (others) are not men, they are (mere) forms: they are dead with (desire for) bread and killed by appetite.
  • حکایت آن راهب که روز با چراغ می‌گشت در میان بازار از سر حالتی کی او را بود 
  • Story of the monk who went about with a lamp in the daytime in the midst of the bazaar because of the ecstasy which he had (in his heart).
  • آن یکی با شمع برمی‌گشت روز  ** گرد بازاری دلش پر عشق و سوز 
  • That person was going about in a bazaar in the daytime with a candle, his heart full of love and (spiritual) ardour.
  • بوالفضولی گفت او را کای فلان  ** هین چه می‌جویی به سوی هر دکان 
  • A busybody said to him, “Hey, O such-and-such, what are you seeking beside every shop?
  • هین چه می‌گردی تو جویان با چراغ  ** در میان روز روشن چیست لاغ 
  • Hey, why are you going about in search (of something) with a lamp in bright daylight? What is the joke?”
  • گفت می‌جویم به هر سو آدمی  ** که بود حی از حیات آن دمی  2890
  • He replied, “I am searching everywhere for a man that is alive with the life inspired by that (Divine) Breath.
  • هست مردی گفت این بازار پر  ** مردمانند آخر ای دانای حر 
  • Is there a man in existence?” “This bazaar,” said the other, “is full: surely they are men, O noble sage.”
  • گفت خواهم مرد بر جاده‌ی دو ره  ** در ره خشم و به هنگام شره 
  • He answered, “I want (one who is) a man on the two-wayed road—in the way of anger and at the time of desire.
  • وقت خشم و وقت شهوت مرد کو  ** طالب مردی دوانم کو به کو 
  • Where is (one who is) a man at the moment of anger and at the moment of appetite? In search of (such) a man I am running from street to street.
  • کو درین دو حال مردی در جهان  ** تا فدای او کنم امروز جان 
  • Where in the world is (one who is) a man on these two occasions, that I may devote my life to him to-day?”
  • گفت نادر چیز می‌جویی ولیک  ** غافل از حکم و قضایی بین تو نیک  2895
  • “You are seeking a rare thing,” said he; “but you take no heed of the (Divine) ordinance and destiny. Consider well!