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  • پیش قرآن گشت قربانی و پست  ** تا که عین روح او قرآن شدست 
  • And has become a sacrifice to the Qur’án and is (laid) low (in self-abasement), so that the Qur’án has become the essence of his spirit.
  • روغنی کو شد فدای گل به کل  ** خواه روغن بوی کن خواهی تو گل  3130
  • The oil that has wholly devoted itself to the rose—smell either the oil or the rose as you please.
  • و هم‌چنین قد جف القلم یعنی جف القلم و کتب لا یستوی الطاعة والمعصیة لا یستوی الامانة و السرقة جف القلم ان لا یستوی الشکر و الکفران جف القلم ان الله لا یضیع اجر المحسنین 
  • And similarly (the Tradition), ‘the Pen has dried’ means that the Pen has dried after writing (the words), ‘Obedience and disobedience (to God) are not on the same level, honesty and stealing are not on the same level.’ The Pen has dried (after writing) that thanksgiving and ingratitude are not on the same level. The Pen has dried (after writing) that God does not let the reward of the righteous be lost.
  • هم‌چنین تاویل قد جف القلم  ** بهر تحریضست بر شغل اهم 
  • Likewise the (true) interpretation of ‘the Pen has dried’ (is that) it (this Tradition) is for the purpose of inciting to the most important work (of all).
  • پس قلم بنوشت که هر کار را  ** لایق آن هست تاثیر و جزا 
  • Therefore the Pen wrote that every action has the effect and consequence appropriate to it.
  • کژ روی جف القلم کژ آیدت  ** راستی آری سعادت زایدت 
  • The Pen has dried (after writing) that if you do wrong (in this world) you will suffer wrong (in the next), and that if you act rightly (here) the result will be your felicity (there).
  • ظلم آری مدبری جف القلم  ** عدل آری بر خوری جف القلم 
  • (If) you behave unjustly, you are damned: the Pen has dried (on that). If you show justice, you eat the fruit (of blessedness): the Pen has dried (on that).
  • چون بدزدد دست شد جف القلم  ** خورد باده مست شد جف القلم  3135
  • When he (any one) steals, his hand goes: the Pen has dried (on that). (When) he drinks wine, he becomes intoxicated: the Pen has dried (on that).
  • تو روا داری روا باشد که حق  ** هم‌چو معزول آید از حکم سبق 
  • Do you deem it allowable, can it be allowable, that on account of the (eternally) prior decree God should come, like a person dismissed from office,
  • که ز دست من برون رفتست کار  ** پیش من چندین میا چندین مزار 
  • Saying, ‘The affair has gone out of My hands: do not approach Me so often, do not entreat (Me) so much’?
  • بلک معنی آن بود جف القلم  ** نیست یکسان پیش من عدل و ستم 
  • Nay, the meaning is: ‘the Pen has dried (on this that) justice and injustice are not equal in My sight.