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  • عفو کن تا عفو یابی در جزا  ** می‌شکافد مو قدر اندر سزا 
  • Pardon, that thou mayst win pardon in return: the (Divine) decree splits hairs (is exceedingly scrupulous) in (giving every one his) deserts.”
  • جواب گفتن امیر مر آن شفیعان را و همسایگان زاهد را کی گستاخی چرا کرد و سبوی ما را چرا شکست من درین باب شفاعت قبول نخواهم کرد کی سوگند خورده‌ام کی سزای او را بدهم 
  • How the Amír answered those neighbours of the ascetic who interceded for him: “Why,” said he, “did he behave (so) impudently and why did he break my jug (of wine)? I will not listen to intercession in this matter, for I have sworn to punish him as he deserves.”
  • میر گفت او کیست کو سنگی زند  ** بر سبوی ما سبو را بشکند 
  • The Amír said, “Who is he that he should throw a stone at my jug and break it?
  • چون گذر سازد ز کویم شیر نر  ** ترس ترسان بگذرد با صد حذر 
  • When the fierce lion passes through my quarter, he passes in great affright and with a hundred precautions.
  • بنده‌ی ما را چرا آزرد دل  ** کرد ما را پیش مهمانان خجل  3555
  • Why did he vex the heart of my slave and put me to shame before my guests?
  • شربتی که به ز خون اوست ریخت  ** این زمان هم‌چون زنان از ما گریخت 
  • He spilt a beverage that is better than his (own) blood, and now he has fled from me, like women.
  • لیک جان از دست من او کی برد  ** گیر هم‌چون مرغ بالا بر پرد 
  • But how shall he save his life from my hand? (Even) suppose that he flies up on high like a bird,
  • تیر قهر خویش بر پرش زنم  ** پر و بال مردریگش بر کنم 
  • I will shoot the arrow of my vengeance at his wings, I will tear out his good-for-nothing wings and feathers.
  • گر رود در سنگ سخت از کوششم  ** از دل سنگش کنون بیرون کشم 
  • If he enter the hard rock (to escape) from my pursuit, I will drag him forth from the heart of the rock just now.
  • من برانم بر تن او ضربتی  ** که بود قوادکان را عبرتی  3560
  • I will inflict on his body such a blow as will be a warning to base scoundrels.
  • با همه سالوس با ما نیز هم  ** داد او و صد چو او این دم دهم 
  • Hypocrisy to all and even to me! I will give him and a hundred like him their due at this moment.”