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  • هرچه آید از جهان غیب‌وش  ** در دلت ضیفست او را دار خوش 
  • Whatsoever comes into thy heart from the invisible world is they guest: entertain it well!
  • حکایت آن مهمان کی زن خداوند خانه گفت کی باران فرو گرفت و مهمان در گردن ما ماند 
  • Story of the guest concerning whom the wife of the master of the house said, “The rain has set in, and our guest is left on our hands.”
  • آن یکی را بیگهان آمد قنق  ** ساخت او را هم‌چو طوق اندر عنق 
  • A guest came to a certain man at a late hour: he (the master of the house) made him (at home) like a collar on the neck.
  • خوان کشید او را کرامتها نمود  ** آن شب اندر کوی ایشان سور بود 
  • He brought trays of food and showed him every courtesy; on that night there was a feast in their parish.
  • مرد زن را گفت پنهانی سخن  ** که امشب ای خاتون دو جامه خواب کن 
  • The man spoke secretly to his wife, saying, “To-night, mistress, make two beds.”
  • پستر ما را بگستر سوی در  ** بهر مهمان گستر آن سوی دگر  3650
  • Lay our bed towards the door, and lay a bed on the other side for the guest.”
  • گفت زن خدمت کنم شادی کنم  ** سمع و طاعه ای دو چشم روشنم 
  • The wife replied, “I will do (this) service, I shall be glad (to do it). To hear is to obey, O light of mine eyes!”
  • هر دو پستر گسترید و رفت زن  ** سوی ختنه‌سور کرد آنجا وطن 
  • The wife laid both the beds and (then) went off to the circumcision feast and stayed there (a long time).
  • ماند مهمان عزیز و شوهرش  ** نقل بنهادند از خشک و ترش 
  • The worthy guest and her husband remained (in the house): the host set before him a dessert of fruit and wine.
  • در سمر گفتند هر دو منتجب  ** سرگذشت نیک و بد تا نیم شب 
  • Both the excellent men related (to each other) their good and bad experiences (and sat) chatting till midnight.
  • بعد از آن مهمان ز خواب و از سمر  ** شد در آن پستر که بد آن سوی در  3655
  • Afterwards the guest, being sleepy and tired of talking, went to the bed that was on the opposite side to the door.