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  • حامله شد ناگهان دختر ازو  ** چون بود هر دو جوان خاتون و شو  3725
  • (Nevertheless) she suddenly became with child by him (her husband): how should it be (otherwise when) both the wife and the husband are young?.
  • از پدر او را خفی می‌داشتش  ** پنج ماهه گشت کودک یا که شش 
  • She kept it (the child) hidden from her father, (till) the child was five or six months old.
  • گشت پیدا گفت بابا چیست این  ** من نگفتم که ازو دوری گزین 
  • (Then) the discovery was made. “What is this?” asked her father; “did not I tell thee to adopt (the practice of) withdrawal from him?
  • این وصیتهای من خود باد بود  ** که نکردت پند و وعظم هیچ سود 
  • These injunctions of mine were (mere) wind, forsooth! My counsel and exhortations have been of no use to thee.”
  • گفت بابا چون کنم پرهیز من  ** آتش و پنبه‌ست بی‌شک مرد و زن 
  • “Father,” said she, “how should I guard myself? Man and wife, beyond doubt, are (as) fire and cotton.
  • پنبه را پرهیز از آتش کجاست  ** یا در آتش کی حفاظست و تقاست  3730
  • What means has the cotton of guarding itself from the fire, or when is there (any) carefulness and caution in the fire?”
  • گفت من گفتم که سوی او مرو  ** تو پذیرای منی او مشو 
  • He replied, “I said, ‘noli te viro admovere, noli semen ejus recipere. [He replied, “I said, ‘don’t go to him (for sexual pleasure), don’t accept his sperm.]
  • در زمان حال و انزال و خوشی  ** خویشتن باید که از وی در کشی 
  • Tempore summae voluptatis et emissionis et deliciarum te corpus ab eo retrahere oportet.’” [At the moment of ecstasy, (seminal) emission, and pleasure you must draw yourself away from him.’”]
  • گفت کی دانم که انزالش کیست  ** این نهانست و بغایت دوردست 
  • She said, “Quando sit ejus emissio quomodo intelligam? hoc enim occultum et valde difficile est.” [She said, “How may I know when his emission is? It is hidden and is very remote (difficult to predict).”]
  • گفت چشمش چون کلاپیسه شود  ** فهم کن که آن وقت انزالش بود 
  • He replied, “Cum res eo redierit ut oculi ejus volvantur, intellige id esse tempus emissionis.” [He replied, “When his eyes start to roll (and show whiteness), know that it is the moment of his emission.”]