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  • حیفش آمد که به زخمی جان دهد  ** جان ز دست صدق او آسان رهد 
  • To him it was anguish that he should give up his soul at one blow and that his soul should escape lightly from the hand of his fortitude.
  • حکایت آن مجاهد کی از همیان سیم هر روز یک درم در خندق انداختی به تفاریق از بهر ستیزه‌ی حرص و آرزوی نفس و وسوسه‌ی نفس کی چون می‌اندازی به خندق باری به یک‌بار بینداز تا خلاص یابم کی الیاس احدی الراحتین او گفته کی این راحت نیز ندهم 
  • Story of the (spiritual) warrior who every day used to take one dirhem separately from a purse containing (pieces of) silver and throw it into a ditch (full of water) for the purpose of thwarting the greed and cupidity of his fleshly soul; and how his soul tempted him, saying, “Since you are going to throw (this money) into the ditch, at least throw it away all at once, so that I may gain deliverance, for despair is one of the two (possible) reliefs”; and how he replied, “I will not give thee this relief either.”
  • آن یکی بودش به کف در چل درم  ** هر شب افکندی یکی در آب یم  3815
  • A certain man had forty dirhems in his hand: every night he would throw one (of them) into the sea-water,
  • تا که گردد سخت بر نفس مجاز  ** در تانی درد جان کندن دراز 
  • In order that the long agony suffered in (the process of) deliberation might become grievous to the illusory soul.
  • با مسلمانان بکر او پیش رفت  ** وقت فر او وا نگشت از خصم تفت 
  • He (the valiant Súfí) advanced with the Moslems to attack (the infidels), (but) in the hour of retreat he did not fall back in haste before the enemy.
  • زخم دیگر خورد آن را هم ببست  ** بیست کرت رمح و تیر از وی شکست 
  • He was wounded again, (but) he bound up those (wounds) too: twenty times were the spears and arrows (of the enemy) broken by him.
  • بعد از آن قوت نماند افتاد پیش  ** مقعد صدق او ز صدق عشق خویش 
  • After that, no strength remained (in him): he fell forward (and expired in)the seat of truth because his love was true.
  • صدق جان دادن بود هین سابقوا  ** از نبی برخوان رجال صدقوا  3820
  • Truth consists in giving up the soul (to God). Hark, try to outstrip (the others) in the race! Recite from the Qur’án (the words) men who have been true.
  • این همه مردن نه مرگ صورتست  ** این بدن مر روح را چون آلتست 
  • All this dying is not the death of the (physical) form: this body is (only) like an instrument for the spirit.
  • ای بسا خامی که ظاهر خونش ریخت  ** لیک نفس زنده آن جانب گریخت 
  • Oh, there is many a raw (imperfect) one whose blood was shed externally, but whose living fleshly soul escaped to yonder side.
  • آلتش بشکست و ره‌زن زنده ماند  ** نفس زنده‌ست ارچه مرکب خون فشاند 
  • Its instrument was shattered, but the brigand was left alive: the fleshly soul is living though that on which it rode has bled to death.