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  • گریه‌ی اخوان یوسف حیلتست  ** که درونشان پر ز رشک و علتست 
  • The weeping of Joseph's brethren is a trick, for their hearts are full of envy and infirmity.
  • حکایت آن اعرابی کی سگ او از گرسنگی می‌مرد و انبان او پر نان و بر سگ نوحه می‌کرد و شعر می‌گفت و می‌گریست و سر و رو می‌زد و دریغش می‌آمد لقمه‌ای از انبان به سگ دادن 
  • Story of the Arab of the desert whose dog was dying of hunger, while his wallet was full of bread; he was lamenting over the dog and reciting poetry and sobbing and beating his head and face; and yet he grudged the dog a morsel from his wallet.
  • آن سگی می‌مرد و گریان آن عرب  ** اشک می‌بارید و می‌گفت ای کرب 
  • The dog was dying, and the Arab sobbing, shedding tears, and crying, “Oh, sorrow!”
  • سایلی بگذشت و گفت این گریه چیست  ** نوحه و زاری تو از بهر کیست 
  • A beggar passed by and asked, “What is this sobbing? For whom is thy mourning and lamentation?”
  • گفت در ملکم سگی بد نیک‌خو  ** نک همی‌میرد میان راه او 
  • He replied, “There was in my possession a dog of excellent disposition. Look, he is dying on the road.
  • روز صیادم بد و شب پاسبان  ** تیزچشم و صیدگیر و دزدران  480
  • He hunted for me by day and kept watch by night; (he was) keen-eyed and (good at) catching the prey and driving off thieves.”
  • گفت رنجش چیست زخمی خورده است  ** گفت جوع الکلب زارش کرده است 
  • He (the beggar) asked, “What ails him? Has he been wounded?” The Arab replied, “Ravenous hunger has made him (so) lamentable.”
  • گفت صبری کن برین رنج و حرض  ** صابران را فضل حق بخشد عوض 
  • “Show some patience,” said he, “in (bearing) this pain and anguish: the grace of God bestows a recompense on those who are patient.”
  • بعد از آن گفتش کای سالار حر  ** چیست اندر دستت این انبان پر 
  • Afterwards he said to him, “O noble chief, what is this full wallet in your hand?”
  • گفت نان و زاد و لوت دوش من  ** می‌کشانم بهر تقویت بدن 
  • He replied, “My bread and provender and food left over from last night, (which) I am taking along (with me) to nourish my body.”
  • گفت چون ندهی بدان سگ نان و زاد  ** گفت تا این حد ندارم مهر و داد  485
  • “Why don't you give (some) bread and provender to the dog?” he asked. He replied, “I have not love and liberality to this extent.