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  • چون ندارم زور و ضبط خویشتن  ** زین قضا و زین بلا و زین فتن  645
  • Since I have not strength and self-control (to preserve me) from this destiny and this affliction and these tribulations,
  • آن به آید که شوم زشت و کریه  ** تا بوم آمن درین کهسار و تیه 
  • ’Tis better I should be ugly and hideous, that I may be safe amidst these mountains and deserts.
  • این سلاح عجب من شد ای فتی  ** عجب آرد معجبان را صد بلا 
  • These (feathers) are the weapons of my pride, O noble sir: pride brings a hundred afflictions on the proud.
  • بیان آنک هنرها و زیرکیها و مال دنیا هم‌چون پرهای طاوس عدو جانست 
  • Explaining that accomplishments and intellectual abilities and worldly wealth are enemies to (spiritual) life, like the peacock's feathers.
  • پس هنر آمد هلاکت خام را  ** کز پی دانه نبیند دام را 
  • Accomplishments, then, are a destruction to the (spiritually) ignorant man, for in his pursuit of the bait he does not see the trap.
  • اختیار آن را نکو باشد که او  ** مالک خود باشد اندر اتقوا 
  • Free-will is good for him (alone) who is master of himself in (respect of obeying the command) ‘Fear ye (God).’
  • چون نباشد حفظ و تقوی زینهار  ** دور کن آلت بینداز اختیار  650
  • When there is no safeguarding (of one's self) and piety, beware, put far (from thee) the instrument (that serves as a means to sin): drop free-will.
  • جلوه‌گاه و اختیارم آن پرست  ** بر کنم پر را که در قصد سرست 
  • Those feathers are the object of my display (pride) and free-will: I will tear out the feathers, for they are in quest of my head.
  • نیست انگارد پر خود را صبور  ** تا پرش در نفکند در شر و شور 
  • The self-restrained man deems his feathers to be naught, in order that his feathers may not cast him into calamity and bale.
  • پس زیانش نیست پر گو بر مکن  ** گر رسد تیری به پیش آرد مجن 
  • Therefore his feathers are no harm to him: let him not tear them out, (for) if an arrow (of temptation) come (against him) he will present the shield (of self-restraint).
  • لیک بر من پر زیبا دشمنیست  ** چونک از جلوه‌گری صبریم نیست 
  • But to me my beauteous feathers are an enemy, since I cannot restrain myself from making a display.