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  • گر بدی صبر و حفاظم راه‌بر  ** بر فزودی ز اختیارم کر و فر  655
  • If self-restraint and safeguarding had been my guide, my (spiritual) conquest would have been increased by (the exercise of) free-will;
  • هم‌چو طفلم یا چو مست اندر فتن  ** نیست لایق تیغ اندر دست من 
  • (But) in (the case of) temptations I am like a child or a drunken man: the sword is unsuitable (out of place) in my hand.
  • گر مرا عقلی بدی و منزجر  ** تیغ اندر دست من بودی ظفر 
  • Had I possessed an intellect and conscience (to restrain me), the sword in my hand would have been (a means of gaining) victory.
  • عقل باید نورده چون آفتاب  ** تا زند تیغی که نبود جز صواب 
  • An intellect giving light like the sun is needed to wield the sword that never misses the right direction.
  • چون ندارم عقل تابان و صلاح  ** پس چرا در چاه نندازم سلاح 
  • Since I do not possess a resplendent intellect and righteousness (in religion), why, then, should not I throw my weapons into the well?
  • در چه اندازم کنون تیغ و مجن  ** کین سلاح خصم من خواهد شدن  660
  • I now throw my sword and shield into the well; for (otherwise) they will become the weapons of my adversary.
  • چون ندارم زور و یاری و سند  ** تیغم او بستاند و بر من زند 
  • Since I do not possess strength and aid and support, he (the adversary) will seize my sword and smite me with it.
  • رغم این نفس وقیحه‌خوی را  ** که نپوشد رو خراشم روی را 
  • In despite of this fleshly soul and evil-natured one who does not veil her face, I will rend my face,
  • تا شود کم این جمال و این کمال  ** چون نماند رو کم افتم در وبال 
  • That this beauty and perfection (of mine) may be impaired. When my face (beauty) remains no more, I shall not fall into woe.
  • چون بدین نیت خراشم بزه نیست  ** که به زخم این روی را پوشیدنیست 
  • When I rend (my face) with this intention, ’tis no sin, for this face ought to be covered with wounds.