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  • در حدیبیه شدی حاضر بدین  ** وآن صحابه‌ی بیعتی را هم‌قرین 
  • By this means thou hast been present at Hudaybiya and hast been associated with the Companions who took the Covenant.
  • پس ز ده یار مبشر آمدی  ** هم‌چو زر ده‌دهی خالص شدی 
  • Therefore thou hast become one of the ten Friends to whom the glad tidings were given, and hast been made pure like sterling gold.
  • تا معیت راست آید زانک مرد  ** با کسی جفتست کو را دوست کرد  745
  • (This is) to the end that communion may be made perfect; for a man is united with that one whom he has made his friend.
  • این جهان و آن جهان با او بود  ** وین حدیث احمد خوش‌خو بود 
  • He is with him in this world and in that (other) world; and this is the (meaning of) the Hadíth of sweet-natured Ahmad (Mohammed),
  • گفت المرء مع محبوبه  ** لا یفک القلب من مطلوبه 
  • (Who) said, ‘A man is with him whom he loves’: the heart is not severed from its object of desire.
  • هر کجا دامست و دانه کم نشین  ** رو زبون‌گیرا زبون‌گیران ببین 
  • Do not sit in any place where there is a trap and bait: O thou who regardest (others) as weak, go, consider (what becomes of) those who regard (others) as weak.
  • ای زبون‌گیر زبونان این بدان  ** دست هم بالای دستست ای جوان 
  • O thou who regardest the weak as weak (and at thy mercy), know this, (that) there is a hand above thy hand, O youth.
  • تو زبونی و زبون‌گیر ای عجب  ** هم تو صید و صیدگیر اندر طلب  750
  • Thou art weak (thyself) and thou regardest (others) as weak. Oh, wonderful! Thou art at once the prey and the hunter in pursuit (of the prey).
  • بین ایدی خلفهم سدا مباش  ** که نبینی خصم را وآن خصم فاش 
  • Be not (one of those described in the Verse) before and behind them (We will set) a barrier, so that thou canst not see the enemy, though the enemy is manifest.
  • حرص صیادی ز صیدی مغفلست  ** دلبریی می‌کند او بی‌دلست 
  • The greed of hunting makes (one) oblivious of being a prey: he (the hunter) tries to win hearts (though) he has lost his own.