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  • باز جان چون رو سوی جانان نهد  ** رخت را در عمر بی‌پایان نهد 
  • Once more, when the (animal) spirit sets its face towards the (Divine) Beloved, it lays down its baggage (and passes) into the life without end.
  • سال سایل از مرغی کی بر سر ربض شهری نشسته باشد سر او فاضل‌ترست و عزیزتر و شریف‌تر و مکرم‌تر یا دم او و جواب دادن واعظ سایل را به قدر فهم او 
  • How an inquirer asked (a preacher) about a bird that was supposed to have settled on the wall of a city—“Is its head more excellent and estimable and noble and honourable or its tail?”—and how the preacher gave him a reply suited to the measure of his understanding.
  • واعظی را گفت روزی سایلی  ** کای تو منبر را سنی‌تر قایلی 
  • One day an inquirer said to a preacher, “O thou who art the pulpit's most eminent expounder,
  • یک سالستم بگو ای ذو لباب  ** اندرین مجلس سالم را جواب  130
  • I have a question to ask. Answer my question in this assembly-place, O possessor of the marrow (of wisdom).
  • بر سر بارو یکی مرغی نشست  ** از سر و از دم کدامینش بهست 
  • A bird has settled on the city-wall: which is better—its head or its tail?”
  • گفت اگر رویش به شهر و دم به ده  ** روی او از دم او می‌دان که به 
  • He replied, “If its face is to the town and its tail to the country, know that its face is better than its tail;
  • ور سوی شهرست دم رویش به ده  ** خاک آن دم باش و از رویش بجه 
  • But if its tail is towards the town and its face to the country, be the dust on that tail and spring away from its face.”
  • مرغ با پر می‌پرد تا آشیان  ** پر مردم همتست ای مردمان 
  • A bird flies to its nest by means of wings: the wings of Man are aspiration, O people.
  • عاشقی که آلوده شد در خیر و شر  ** خیر و شر منگر تو در همت نگر  135
  • (In the case of) the lover who is soiled with good and evil, do not regard the good and evil; (only) regard the aspiration.
  • باز اگر باشد سپید و بی‌نظیر  ** چونک صیدش موش باشد شد حقیر 
  • If a falcon be white and beyond compare, (yet) it becomes despicable when it hunts a mouse;
  • ور بود چغدی و میل او به شاه  ** او سر بازست منگر در کلاه 
  • And if there be an owl that has desire for the king, it is (noble as) the falcon's head: do not regard the hood.