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  • اینچ گفتم از غلطهات ای عزیز  ** هم برین بشنو دم عطار نیز 
  • (Having heard) what I have said concerning your misapprehensions, O dear friend, hear also the utterance of ‘Attár on this same (subject).
  • قصه‌ی سلطان محمود و غلام هندو 
  • Story of Sultan Mahmúd and the Hindú boy.
  • رحمة الله علیه گفته است  ** ذکر شه محمود غازی سفته است 
  • He, God have mercy upon him, has told it: he has strung together the tale of King Mahmúd, the Ghází—
  • کز غزای هند پیش آن همام  ** در غنیمت اوفتادش یک غلام 
  • How, amongst the booty of his campaign in India, (there was) a boy (who) was brought into the presence of that sovereign.
  • پس خلیفه‌ش کرد و بر تختش نشاند  ** بر سپه بگزیدش و فرزند خواند  1385
  • Afterwards he made him his vicegerent and seated him on the throne and gave him preferment above (the rest of) the army and called him “son.”
  • طول و عرض و وصف قصه تو به تو  ** در کلام آن بزرگ دین بجو 
  • Seek the length and breadth and all particulars of the story in the discourse of that prince of the Faith.
  • حاصل آن کودک برین تخت نضار  ** شسته پهلوی قباد شهریار 
  • In short, the lad was seated on this throne of gold beside the King-emperor.
  • گریه کردی اشک می‌راندی بسوز  ** گفت شه او را کای پیروز روز 
  • He wept and shed tears in burning grief. The King said to him, “O thou whose day (fortune) is triumphant,
  • از چه گریی دولتت شد ناگوار  ** فوق املاکی قرین شهریار 
  • Wherefore shouldst thou weep? Has thy fortune become disagreeable to thee? Thou art above kings, (thou art) the familiar companion of the Emperor.
  • تو برین تخت و وزیران و سپاه  ** پیش تختت صف زده چون نجم و ماه  1390
  • Thou art (seated) on this throne, while the viziers and soldiers are ranged in file before thy throne, like the stars and the moon.”
  • گفت کودک گریه‌ام زانست زار  ** که مرا مادر در آن شهر و دیار 
  • The boy said, “The cause of my weeping bitterly is that in yonder city and country my mother