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  • وقت صید اندر عدم بد حمله‌شان  ** از عدم آنگه گریزان جمله‌شان 
  • At the moment of pursuing (their object) they rushed into (relative) nonexistence; then (afterwards) they all are fleeing from non-existence.
  • چون امیدت لاست زو پرهیز چیست  ** با انیس طمع خود استیز چیست 
  • Since your hope is (in) non-existence, why (this) avoidance of it? Why (this) strife with what is congenial to your desire?
  • چون انیس طمع تو آن نیستیست  ** از فنا و نیست این پرهیز چیست 
  • Since that non-existence is congenial to your desire, why this avoidance of nonentity and non-existence?
  • گر انیس لا نه‌ای ای جان به سر  ** در کمین لا چرایی منتظر  1375
  • O (dear) soul, if you are not inwardly congenial to non-existence, why are you waiting in ambush for non-existence?
  • زانک داری جمله دل برکنده‌ای  ** شست دل در بحر لا افکنده‌ای 
  • You have torn your heart away from all that you own, you have cast the net of your heart into the sea of non-existence.
  • پس گریز از چیست زین بحر مراد  ** که بشستت صد هزاران صید داد 
  • Wherefore, then, (this) flight from this sea of (heart's) desire that has put hundreds of thousands of prey into your net?
  • از چه نام برگ را کردی تو مرگ  ** جادوی بین که نمودت مرگ برگ 
  • Wherefore have you given the name “death” to (what is really) provision (for the spirit)? Observe the sorcery that has caused the provision (barg) to seem to you death (marg).
  • هر دو چشمت بست سحر صنعتش  ** تا که جان را در چه آمد رغبتش 
  • The magic of His (God's) doing has bound both your eyes, so that desire for the (worldly) pit has come over your soul.
  • در خیال او ز مکر کردگار  ** جمله صحرا فوق چه زهرست و مار  1380
  • Through the contrivance of the Creator, in its (your soul's) fancy all the expanse above the pit is (full of) poison and snakes;
  • لاجرم چه را پناهی ساختست  ** تا که مرگ او را به چاه انداختست 
  • Consequently it has made the pit a refuge (for itself), so that (its false conception of) death (as hideous and hateful) has cast it into the pit (of perdition).