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  • آن نسوزد وین بسوزد ای عجب  ** نعل معکوس است در راه طلب 
  • That one is not burnt, and this one is burnt. Oh, wonderful! In the Way of search (for God) everything is upside down.”
  • باز مکرر کردن صوفی سال را 
  • How the Súfí repeated his questions.
  • گفت صوفی قادرست آن مستعان  ** که کند سودای ما را بی زیان 
  • The Súfí said, “He (God) whose help is invoked hath the power to make our trading free from loss.
  • آنک آتش را کند ورد و شجر  ** هم تواند کرد این را بی‌ضرر  1740
  • He who turns the fire (of Nimrod) into roses and trees is also able to make this (World-fire) harmless.
  • آنک گل آرد برون از عین خار  ** هم تواند کرد این دی را بهار 
  • He who brings forth roses from the very midst of thorns is also able to turn this winter into spring.
  • آنک زو هر سرو آزادی کند  ** قادرست ار غصه را شادی کند 
  • He by whom every cypress is made ‘free’ (evergreen) hath the power if He would turn sorrow into joy.
  • آنک شد موجود از وی هر عدم  ** گر بدارد باقیش او را چه کم 
  • He by whom every non-existence is made existent—what damage would He suffer if He were to preserve it for ever?
  • آنک تن را جان دهد تا حی شود  ** گر نمیراند زیانش کی شود 
  • He who gives the body a soul that it may live—how would He be a loser if He did not cause it to die?
  • خود چه باشد گر ببخشد آن جواد  ** بنده را مقصود جان بی‌اجتهاد  1745
  • What, indeed, would it matter if that Bounteous One should bestow on His servant the desire of his soul without (painful) toil,
  • دور دارد از ضعیفان در کمین  ** مکر نفس و فتنه‌ی دیو لعین 
  • And keep far off from poor (mortals) the cunning of the flesh and the temptation of the Devil (which lurk) in ambush?”
  • جواب دادن قاضی صوفی را 
  • The Cadi's reply to the Súfí.
  • گفت قاضی گر نبودی امر مر  ** ور نبودی خوب و زشت و سنگ و در 
  • The Cadi said, “Were there no bitter (stern) Commandment (from God) and were there no good and evil and no pebbles and pearls,