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  • صد نشانست از سرار و از جهار  ** لیک بس کن پرده زین در بر مدار 
  • There are a hundred signs (of response), (both) secret and manifest; but desist, do not lift the curtain from this door.
  • باز رو تا قصه‌ی آن دلق گول  ** که بلا بر خویش آورد از فضول 
  • Return to the story of that foolish Dalqak who brought tribulation on himself by his silly meddling.
  • پس وزیرش گفت ای حق را ستن  ** بشنو از بنده‌ی کمینه یک سخن 
  • Afterwards the vizier said to him (the king), “O Pillar of the Truth, hear a word from thy humble slave.
  • دلقک از ده بهر کاری آمدست  ** رای او گشت و پشیمانش شدست  2560
  • Dalqak came from the country on some (wicked) enterprise; (but now) his mind is changed and he has repented.
  • ز آب و روغن کهنه را نو می‌کند  ** او به مسخرگی برون‌شو می‌کند 
  • He is making the old (corruption) new with water and oil (varnish), he is evading (punishment) by means of buffoonery.
  • غمد را بنمود و پنهان کرد تیغ  ** باید افشردن مرورا بی‌دریغ 
  • He has displayed the scabbard and concealed the sword: he must be tortured without mercy.
  • پسته را یا جوز را تا نشکنی  ** نی نماید دل نی بدهد روغنی 
  • Unless you break the pistachio or walnut, it will neither reveal its heart (kernel) nor give any oil.
  • مشنو این دفع وی و فرهنگ او  ** در نگر در ارتعاش و رنگ او 
  • Do not listen to this skilful defence of his; look at his trembling and his (pallid) colour.
  • گفت حق سیماهم فی وجههم  ** زانک غمازست سیما و منم  2565
  • God hath said, ‘Their mark is on their faces,’ for the mark is an informer and tell-tale.
  • این معاین هست ضد آن خبر  ** که بشر به سرشته آمد این بشر 
  • This ocular evidence is opposed to that story (told by Dalqak), for this (whole race of) mankind are moulded of evil.”