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  • خواجه را که در گذشتست از اثیر  ** جنس این موشان تاریکی مگیر 
  • Do not suppose the Khwája, who has passed beyond the aether (the ninth celestial sphere), to be homogeneous with these mice of darkness.
  • خواجه‌ی جان بین مبین جسم گران  ** مغز بین او را مبینش استخوان 
  • Regard the Khwája as spirit, do not regard him as gross body: regard him as marrow, do not regard him as bone.
  • خواجه را از چشم ابلیس لعین  ** منگر و نسبت مکن او را به طین 
  • Do not look at the Khwája with the eye of Iblís the accursed, and do not relate him (refer his origin) to clay.
  • همره خورشید را شب‌پر مخوان  ** آنک او مسجود شد ساجد مدان 
  • Do not call the fellow-traveller of the Sun ‘a bat’: do not call him who was worshipped (by the angels) a worshipper (of the material).
  • عکس‌ها را ماند این و عکس نیست  ** در مثال عکس حق بنمودنیست  3190
  • This (Khwája) resembles the (other) reflexions; but (in reality) ’tis not a reflexion, ’tis the appearance of God in the likeness of a reflexion.
  • آفتابی دید او جامد نماند  ** روغن گل روغن کنجد نماند 
  • He beheld a Sun and remained frozen no more: the oil of roses was no longer (mingled with) oil of sesame.
  • چون مبدل گشته‌اند ابدال حق  ** نیستند از خلق بر گردان ورق 
  • Since the Abdál (Lieutenants) of God have been transmuted, they are not (to be reckoned) among created beings: turn over a (new) leaf!
  • قبله‌ی وحدانیت دو چون بود  ** خاک مسجود ملایک چون شود 
  • How should the qibla (object of worship), namely, the (Divine) Unity, be two? How should earth be worshipped by the angels?
  • چون درین جو دیدعکس سیب مرد  ** دامنش را دید آن پر سیب کرد 
  • When a man sees the reflexion of apples in this river, and the sight of them fills his skirt with (real) apples,
  • آنچ در جو دید کی باشد خیال  ** چونک شد از دیدنش پر صد جوال  3195
  • How should that which he saw in the river be a phantom, when a hundred sacks have been filled by his vision?