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  • این سخن پایان ندارد آن غریب  ** بس گریست از درد خواجه شد کیب 
  • This topic is endless. The poor stranger wept exceedingly: he was heart-broken by grief for (the death of) the Khwája.
  • توزیع کردن پای‌مرد در جمله‌ی شهر تبریز و جمع شدن اندک چیز و رفتن آن غریب به تربت محتسب به زیارت و این قصه را بر سر گور او گفتن به طریق نوحه الی آخره 
  • How the (Inspector's) bailiff sought subscriptions in all parts of the city of Tabríz, and how (only) a small amount was collected, and how the poor stranger went to visit the Inspector's tomb and related this (pitiful) tale on his grave by the method of concentrating the mind on prayer (for his help), etc.
  • واقعه‌ی آن وام او مشهور شد  ** پای مرد از درد او رنجور شد 
  • The calamity of his debts became notorious, and the bailiff was distressed by his grief.
  • از پی توزیع گرد شهر گشت  ** از طمع می‌گفت هر جا سرگذشت 
  • He (the bailiff) went round the city to collect subscriptions and everywhere, in hope (of exciting compassion), he told all that had happened;
  • هیچ ناورد از ره کدیه به دست  ** غیر صد دینار آن کدیه‌پرست  3250
  • (But) that devoted beggar obtained by means of begging no more than a hundred dinars.
  • پای مرد آمد بدو دستش گرفت  ** شد بگور آن کریم بس شگفت 
  • (Then) the bailiff came to him and took his hand and went (with him) to (visit) the grave of that very wonderful generous man.
  • گفت چون توفیق یابد بنده‌ای  ** که کند مهمانی فرخنده‌ای 
  • He said, “When a servant (of God) gains the Divine favour so that he entertains a fortunate man,
  • مال خود ایثار راه او کند  ** جاه خود ایثار جاه او کند 
  • And gives up his own wealth for his sake and sacrifices his own dignity for the sake of (conferring) dignity on him,
  • شکر او شکر خدا باشد یقین  ** چون به احسان کرد توفیقش قرین 
  • Gratitude to him (the benefactor) is certainly (the same as) gratitude to God, since (it was) the Divine favour (that) caused him to show beneficence.
  • ترک شکرش ترک شکر حق بود  ** حق او لا شک به حق ملحق بود  3255
  • To be ungrateful to him is to be ungrateful to God: beyond doubt his right (to gratitude) is consequent on (that of) God.
  • شکر می‌کن مر خدا را در نعم  ** نیز می‌کن شکر و ذکر خواجه هم 
  • Always give thanks to God for His bounties, and always give thanks and praise to the Khwája (your benefactor) too.