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  • رحمت مادر اگر چه از خداست  ** خدمت او هم فریضه‌ست و سزاست 
  • Though a mother's tenderness is (derived) from God, (yet) ’tis a sacred duty and a worthy task to serve her.
  • زین سبب فرمود حق صلوا علیه  ** که محمد بود محتال الیه 
  • For this reason God hath said, ‘Do ye bless him (the Prophet),’ for Mohammed was one to whom (the attributes of Divine Providence) were transferred.
  • در قیامت بنده را گوید خدا  ** هین چه کردی آنچ دادم من ترا 
  • At the Resurrection God will say to His servant, ‘Hark, what have you done with that which I bestowed on you?’
  • گوید ای رب شکر تو کردم به جان  ** چون ز تو بود اصل آن روزی و نان  3260
  • He will reply, ‘O Lord, I gave thanks to Thee with (all) my soul, since the source of my daily provision and bread was in Thee.’
  • گویدش حق نه نکردی شکر من  ** چون نکردی شکر آن اکرام‌فن 
  • (Then) God will say to him, ‘Nay, you did not give thanks to Me, inasmuch as you did not give thanks to him who made a practice of generosity.
  • بر کریمی کرده‌ای ظلم و ستم  ** نه ز دست او رسیدت نعمتم 
  • You have done wrong and injustice to a generous man: did not My bounty come to you by his hand?’”
  • چون به گور آن ولی‌نعمت رسید  ** گشت گریان زار و آمد در نشید 
  • When he (the debtor) arrived at the tomb of his benefactor, he began to weep bitterly and broke into loud lamentation.
  • گفت ای پشت و پناه هر نبیل  ** مرتجی و غوث ابناء السبیل 
  • He said, “O thou who wert the support and refuge of every noble (righteous) man and the hope and helper of wayfarers,
  • ای غم ارزاق ما بر خاطرت  ** ای چو رزق عام احسان و برت  3265
  • O thou on whose heart the care for our means of livelihood (lay constantly), O thou whose beneficence and charity were (like) the universal provision of sustenance,
  • ای فقیران را عشیره و والدین  ** در خراج و خرج و در ایفاء دین 
  • O thou who wert (as) kinsfolk and parents to the poor in (paying) their taxes and expenses and in discharging their debts,