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  • هم ز لطف و عکس آب با شرف  ** پرده شد بر روی آب اجزای کف 
  • ’Tis from the purity and translucence of the noble Water that the particles of foam have veiled the face of the Water.
  • هم ز لطف و جوش جان با ثمن  ** پرده‌ای بر روی جان شد شخص تن 
  • ’Tis from the purity and (ceaseless) agitation of the precious Spirit that the bodily figure has veiled the face of the Spirit.
  • پس مثل بشنو که در افواه خاست  ** که اینچ بر ماست ای برادر هم ز ماست 
  • Hearken, then, to the adage that issued from the mouths (of men)—“this which is (cast) upon us, O brother, is (derived) from us.”
  • زین حجاب این تشنگان کف‌پرست  ** ز آب صافی اوفتاده دوردست  3430
  • Because of this veil, these thirsty ones who are (so) fond of the foam have got out of reach of the pure Water.
  • آفتابا با چو تو قبله و امام  ** شب‌پرستی و خفاشی می‌کنیم 
  • “O (Divine) Sun, notwithstanding (that we have) a qibla (object of adoration) and Imám like Thee, we worship the night and behave in the manner of bats.
  • سوی خود کن این خفاشان را مطار  ** زین خفاشیشان بخر ای مستجار 
  • Make these bats to fly towards Thee and redeem them from this bat-like disposition, O Thou whose protection is implored!
  • این جوان زین جرم ضالست و مغیر  ** که بمن آمد ولی او را مگیر 
  • This youth (the Amír), by (committing) this sin, has gone astray and trespassed (against Thee), for he came to me (for help); but do not chastise him.”
  • در عماد الملک این اندیشه‌ها  ** گشته جوشان چون اسد در بیشه‌ها 
  • In the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk these thoughts were raging like a lion (rushing) through the jungles.
  • ایستاده پیش سلطان ظاهرش  ** در ریاض غیب جان طایرش  3435
  • His exterior (person) stood before the Sultan, (but) his soaring spirit was in the meadows of the Unseen.
  • چون ملایک او به اقلیم الست  ** هر دمی می‌شد به شرب تازه مست 
  • Like the angels, he was momently being intoxicated with fresh draughts (of spiritual wine) in the realm of Alast;