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  • آنک او را چشم دل شد دیدبان  ** دید خواهد چشم او عین العیان  4405
  • He whose scout is his inward eye—his eye will behold with the very acme of clairvoyance.
  • با تواتر نیست قانع جان او  ** بل ز چشم دل رسد ایقان او 
  • His soul is not content with traditional authority; nay, his feeling of (absolute) certainty comes from the inward eye.
  • پس معرف پیش شاه منتجب  ** در بیان حال او بگشود لب 
  • Then the announcer opened his lips to describe his (the eldest brother's) plight in the presence of the elect King.
  • گفت شاها صید احسان توست  ** پادشاهی کن که بی بیرون شوست 
  • He said, “O King, he is fallen a prey to thy beneficence: show kingly favour (to him), for he has no means of escape.
  • دست در فتراک این دولت زدست  ** بر سر سرمست او بر مال دست 
  • He has clutched the saddle-strap of this empire: stroke his distraught head with thy (royal) hand!”
  • گفت شه هر منصبی و ملکتی  ** که التماسش هست یابد این فتی  4410
  • The King replied, “This youth will obtain (from me) every high dignity and sovereignty that he seeks.
  • بیست چندان ملک کو شد زان بری  ** بخشمش اینجا و ما خود بر سری 
  • I will bestow on him here (and now) twenty times as many kingdoms as he has relinquished, and myself into the bargain.”
  • گفت تا شاهیت در وی عشق کاشت  ** جز هوای تو هوایی کی گذاشت 
  • He (the announcer) said, “Since thy royal majesty sowed in him the seed of love, how could it leave (in him) any passion except passion for thee?
  • بندگی تش چنان درخورد شد  ** که شهی اندر دل او سرد شد 
  • ’Tis so agreeable to him to be thy slave that kingship has become cold comfort to his heart.
  • شاهی و شه‌زادگی در باختست  ** از پی تو در غریبی ساختست 
  • He has gambled away kingship and princedom: for thy sake he has put up with living in exile.