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  • صوفیست انداخت خرقه وجد در  ** کی رود او بر سر خرقه دگر  4415
  • He is a Súfí: he has flung away his mantle in ecstasy: how should he turn again to his mantle?
  • میل سوی خرقه‌ی داده و ندم  ** آنچنان باشد که من مغبون شدم 
  • To hanker for the given away mantle and repent (of having given it) is as much as to say, ‘I have been swindled:
  • باز ده آن خرقه این سو ای قرین  ** که نمی‌ارزید آن یعنی بدین 
  • Put the mantle back here, O comrade, for that (ecstasy) was not worth it, that is, (not worth) this (mantle).’
  • دور از عاشق که این فکر آیدش  ** ور بیاید خاک بر سر بایدش 
  • Far be it from a lover that such a thought should occur to him; and if it do, dust ought to be (sprinkled) on his head.
  • عشق ارزد صد چو خرقه کالبد  ** که حیاتی دارد و حس و خرد 
  • Love is worth a hundred mantles like that of the body, which contains a (principle of) life and sensation and reason;
  • خاصه خرقه‌ی ملک دنیا کابترست  ** پنج دانگ مستیش درد سرست  4420
  • Especially the mantle of worldly dominion, which is cut short (exiguous): a pennyworth of intoxication with it is (results in) headache.
  • ملک دنیا تن‌پرستان را حلال  ** ما غلام ملک عشق بی‌زوال 
  • Worldly dominion is lawful (only) to those who indulge the body: we (lovers) are devoted to the everlasting kingdom of Love.
  • عامل عشقست معزولش مکن  ** جز به عشق خویش مشغولش مکن 
  • He (the prince) is Love's agent: do not deprive him of his employment, do not let him be employed in aught but loving thee.
  • منصبی کانم ز ریت محجبست  ** عین معزولیست و نامش منصبست 
  • The office (business) that veils me from (the sight of) thy face is the very essence of unemployment, though it is called ‘office.’
  • موجب تاخیر اینجا آمدن  ** فقد استعداد بود و ضعف فن 
  • The cause of (his) delay in coming hither was lack of capability and defect of skill.”