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  • رو به خاک آریم کز وی رسته‌ایم  ** دل چرا در بی‌وفایان بسته‌ایم 
  • We shall turn our faces to the earth whence we have sprung: why (then) have we fixed our hearts on creatures devoid of constancy (permanence)?
  • جد و خویشانمان قدیمی چار طبع  ** ما به خویشی عاریت بستیم طمع 
  • The four ‘natures’ are our ancestors and kinsfolk from of old, (yet) we have fixed our hopes on a borrowed (temporary) kinship.
  • سالها هم‌صحبتی و هم‌دمی  ** با عناصر داشت جسم آدمی 
  • During (many) years the body of Man had companionship and intimacy with the elements.
  • روح او خود از نفوس و از عقول  ** روح اصول خویش را کرده نکول  450
  • His spirit, indeed, is from the (world of) souls and intelligences, (but) the spirit has forsaken its origins.
  • از عقول و از نفوس پر صفا  ** نامه می‌آید به جان کای بی‌وفا 
  • From the pure souls and intelligences there is coming to the spirit a letter, saying, ‘O faithless one,
  • یارکان پنج روزه یافتی  ** رو ز یاران کهن بر تافتی 
  • Thou hast found (some) miserable five-day friends and hast turned thy face away from thy friends of old.’
  • کودکان گرچه که در بازی خوشند  ** شب کشانشان سوی خانه می‌کشند 
  • Although the children are happy in their play, (yet) at nightfall they are dragged off and taken home.
  • شد برهنه وقت بازی طفل خرد  ** دزد از ناگه قبا و کفش برد 
  • At play-time the little child strips: suddenly the thief carries off his coat and shoes.
  • آن چنان گرم او به بازی در فتاد  ** کان کلاه و پیرهن رفتش ز یاد  455
  • He is so hotly engaged in play that his cap and shirt are forgotten.
  • شد شب و بازی او شد بی‌مدد  ** رو ندارد کو سوی خانه رود 
  • Night falls, and his play becomes helpless (impossible): he has not the face to go home.