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  • کوه را گفتار کی باشد ز خود  ** عکس غیرست آن صدا ای معتمد  4660
  • How should the mountain possess a voice of its own? The echo is reflected from another, O trusty man.
  • گفت تو زان سان که عکس دیگریست  ** جمله احوالت به جز هم عکس نیست 
  • In the same fashion as thy speech is the reflexion of another, so all thy feelings are nothing but a reflexion.
  • خشم و ذوقت هر دو عکس دیگران  ** شادی قواده و خشم عوان 
  • Both thy anger and thy pleasure are (only) reflected from others, (like) the joy of the procuress and the rage of the night-patrol.
  • آن عوان را آن ضعیف آخر چه کرد  ** که دهد او را به کینه زجر و درد 
  • Pray, what (harm) did that poor fellow do to the night-patrol that he should punish and torment him in revenge?
  • تا بکی عکس خیال لامعه  ** جهد کن تا گرددت این واقعه 
  • How long (wilt thou follow) the glittering phantom reflected (from another)?Strive to make this (experience) actual for thyself,
  • تا که گفتارت ز حال تو بود  ** سیر تو با پر و بال تو بود  4665
  • So that thy words will be (prompted) by thy immediate feelings, and thy flight will be made with thine own wings and pinions.
  • صید گیرد تیر هم با پر غیر  ** لاجرم بی‌بهره است از لحم طیر 
  • ’Tis with alien feathers that the arrow captures its prey; consequently it gets no share of the bird's flesh;
  • باز صید آرد به خود از کوهسار  ** لاجرم شاهش خوراند کبک و سار 
  • (But) the falcon brings its quarry from the mountains itself; consequently the king lets it eat partridge and starling.
  • منطقی کز وحی نبود از هواست  ** هم‌چو خاکی در هوا و در هباست 
  • The speech that is not (derived) from (Divine) inspiration springs from self-will: it is like dust (floating) in the air and among the motes (in the sunbeams).
  • گر نماید خواجه را این دم غلط  ** ز اول والنجم بر خوان چند خط 
  • If this saying appear to the Khwája to be erroneous, recite a few lines at the beginning of (the Súra) Wa’l-Najm.