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  • آن یکی قج داشت از پس می‌کشید  ** دزد قج را برد حبلش را برید 
  • A certain man had a ram (which) he was leading along behind him: a thief carried off the ram, having cut its halter.
  • چونک آگه شد دوان شد چپ و راست  ** تا بیابد کان قج برده کجاست 
  • As soon as he (the owner) noticed, he began to run to left and right, that he might find out where the stolen ram was.
  • بر سر چاهی بدید آن دزد را  ** که فغان می‌کرد کای واویلتا 
  • Beside a well he saw the thief crying, “Alas! Woe is me!”
  • گفت نالان از چی ای اوستاد  ** گفت همیان زرم در چه فتاد  470
  • “O master,” said he, “why are you lamenting?” He replied, “My purse (full) of gold has fallen into the well.
  • گر توانی در روی بیرون کشی  ** خمس بدهم مر ترا با دلخوشی 
  • If you can go in and fetch it out, I will give you a fifth (of the money) with pleasure.
  • خمس صد دینار بستانی به دست  ** گفت او خود این بهای ده قجست 
  • You will receive the fifth part of a hundred dinars in your hand.” He (the owner of the ram) said (to himself), “Why, this is the price of ten rams.
  • گر دری بر بسته شد ده در گشاد  ** گر قجی شد حق عوض اشتر بداد 
  • If one door is shut ten doors are opened: if a ram is gone, God gives a camel in compensation.”
  • جامه‌ها بر کند و اندر چاه رفت  ** جامه‌ها را برد هم آن دزد تفت 
  • He took off his clothes and went into the well: at once the thief carried away his clothes too.
  • حازمی باید که ره تا ده برد  ** حزم نبود طمع طاعون آورد  475
  • A prudent man is needed to find the way to the village: (if) prudence be absent, cupidity brings calamity.
  • او یکی دزدست فتنه‌سیرتی  ** چون خیال او را بهر دم صورتی 
  • He (the Devil) is a mischievous thief: like a phantom, he has (he appears in) a (different) shape at every moment.