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  • کس نداند مکر او الا خدا  ** در خدا بگریز و وا ره زان دغا 
  • None but God knows his cunning: take refuge with God and escape from that impostor.
  • مناظره‌ی مرغ با صیاد در ترهب و در معنی ترهبی کی مصطفی علیه‌السلام نهی کرد از آن امت خود را کی لا رهبانیة فی الاسلام 
  • The bird's debate with the fowler concerning monasticism and about the meaning of the monasticism which Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, forbade his community to practise, saying, “There is no monkery in Islam.”
  • مرغ گفتش خواجه در خلوت مه‌ایست  ** دین احمد را ترهب نیک نیست 
  • The bird said to him, “O Khwája, don't stay in (monastic) seclusion: monasticism is not good in regard to the religion of Ahmad (Mohammed).
  • از ترهب نهی کردست آن رسول  ** بدعتی چون در گرفتی ای فضول 
  • The Prophet has forbidden monasticism: how have you embraced a heresy, O trifler?
  • جمعه شرطست و جماعت در نماز  ** امر معروف و ز منکر احتراز  480
  • The conditions (imposed by Islam) are: (to take part in) the Friday worship and the public prayers, to enjoin good and shun evil,
  • رنج بدخویان کشیدن زیر صبر  ** منفعت دادن به خلقان هم‌چو ابر 
  • To bear patiently affliction caused by the ill-natured, and to confer benefit on (God's) creatures as (bounteously as) the clouds.
  • خیر ناس آن ینفع الناس ای پدر  ** گر نه سنگی چه حریفی با مدر 
  • O father, the best of the people is he who benefits the people: if you are not a stone, why are you consorting with the clod?
  • در میان امت مرحوم باش  ** سنت احمد مهل محکوم باشد 
  • Live amongst the community that is the object of (Divine) mercy: do not forsake the religion of Ahmad (Mohammed), be ruled (by his practice).”
  • گفت عقل هر که را نبود رسوخ  ** پیش عاقل او چو سنگست و کلوخ 
  • He (the fowler) replied, “Any one whose intelligence is infirm, he in the opinion of the intelligent is like a stone and clod.
  • چون حمارست آنک نانش امنیتست  ** صحبت او عین رهبانیتست  485
  • One whose (only) wish is for bread resembles an ass: companionship with him is the essence of monkery.
  • زانک غیر حق همه گردد رفات  ** کل آت بعد حین فهو آت 
  • (Do not associate with him), for all except God crumbles away, (and) everything that is coming after a time will (inevitably) come.