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  • آن سخنشان را وصیتها شمر  ** که پدر گوید در آن دم با پسر 
  • Regard their words as the (final) injunctions which a father gives at that moment to his son,
  • تا بروید عبرت و رحمت بدین  ** تا ببرد بیخ بغض و رشک و کین 
  • That thereby consideration and pity may grow (in thy heart), so that the root of hatred and jealousy and enmity may be cut off.
  • تو بدان نیت نگر در اقربا  ** تا ز نزع او بسوزد دل ترا 
  • Look on thy kinsman with that intention, so that thy heart may burn (with pity) for his death-agony.
  • کل آت آت آن را نقد دان  ** دوست را در نزع و اندر فقد دان  765
  • “Everything that is coming will come”: deem it (to have come) here and now, deem thy friend to be in the death-agony and in the act of losing (his life).
  • وز غرضها زین نظر گردد حجاب  ** این غرضها را برون افکن ز جیب 
  • And if (selfish) motives debar (thee) from this insight, cast these motives out of thy bosom;
  • ور نیاری خشک بر عجزی مه‌ایست  ** دانک با عاجز گزیده معجزیست 
  • And if thou canst not (cast them out), do not stand inertly in a state of incapacity: know that with (every) incapable there is a goodly Incapacitator.
  • عجز زنجیریست زنجیرت نهاد  ** چشم در زنجیرنه باید گشاد 
  • Incapacity is a chain: He laid it upon thee: thou must open thine eye to (behold) Him who lays the chain.
  • پس تضرع کن کای هادی زیست  ** باز بودم بسته گشتم این ز چیست 
  • Therefore make humble entreaty, saying, “O Guide (in the ways) of life, I was free, (and now) I have fallen into bondage: what is the cause of this?
  • سخت‌تر افشرده‌ام در شر قدم  ** که لفی خسرم ز قهرت دم به دم  770
  • I have planted my foot in evil more firmly (than ever), for through Thy omnipotence verily I am (engaged) in a losing business all the time.
  • از نصیحتهای تو کر بوده‌ام  ** بت‌شکن دعوی و بت‌گر بوده‌ام 
  • I have been deaf to Thy admonitions: while professing to be an idol-breaker, I have (really) been an idol-maker.