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  • کو اسیر الله فی الارض آمدست  ** سخره‌ی خشم عدو الله شدست 
  • For he is God's captive on the earth, and he has become subjected to the anger of God's enemy.”
  • وصیت کردن مصطفی علیه‌السلام صدیق را رضی الله عنه کی چون بلال را مشتری می‌شوی هر آینه ایشان از ستیز بر خواهند در بها فزود و بهای او را خواهند فزودن مرا درین فضیلت شریک خود کن وکیل من باش و نیم بها از من بستان 
  • How Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, enjoined the Siddíq, may God be pleased with him, saying, “Since thou art going to purchase Bilál, they (the Jews) will certainly raise his price by wrangling (with thee): make me thy partner in this merit, be my agent, and receive from me half the purchase-money.”
  • مصطفی گفتش کای اقبال‌جو  ** اندرین من می‌شوم انباز تو 
  • Mustafá said to him, “O seeker of (spiritual) fortune, I will be thy partner in this (enterprise).
  • تو وکیلم باش نیمی بهر من  ** مشتری شو قبض کن از من ثمن  990
  • Be my agent, buy a half share (in him) on my account, and receive the payment from me.”
  • گفت صد خدمت کنم رفت آن زمان  ** سوی خانه‌ی آن جهود بی‌امان 
  • He replied, “I will do my utmost to serve thee.” Then he went to the house of the merciless Jew.
  • گفت با خود کز کف طفلان گهر  ** پس توان آسان خریدن ای پدر 
  • He said to himself, “From the hands of children one can buy pearls very cheaply, O father.”
  • عقل و ایمان را ازین طفلان گول  ** می‌خرد با ملک دنیا دیو غول 
  • From these foolish children the ghoul-like Devil is buying their reason and faith in exchange for the kingdom of this world.
  • آنچنان زینت دهد مردار را  ** که خرد زیشان دو صد گلزار را 
  • He decks out the carcase so finely that (with it) he buys from them two hundred rose-gardens.
  • آن‌چنان مهتاب پیماید به سحر  ** کز خسان صد کیسه برباید به سحر  995
  • By magic he measures out1178 such moonshine that by means of (his) magic he carries off from worthless folk a hundred purses (of money).
  • انبیاشان تاجری آموختند  ** پیش ایشان شمع دین افروختند 
  • The prophets taught them to trade (in the spiritual market) and lighted the candle of the (true) religion before them;
  • دیو و غول ساحر از سحر و نبرد  ** انبیا را در نظرشان زشت کرد 
  • (But) by means of magic and in despite the devilish and ghoulish Magician caused the prophets to appear ugly in their eyes.